Need a Youtube Channel to post my Minecraft Machinemas!

Zhen89308/11/15 12:01 pm
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Im Matthew, we can leave it at that for now

You could say that Im bold for asking someone else to put my videos on their channel, well you are correct. You see if your channel is popular and I get my videos the exposure they need not only will my channel grow but your channel will get some great entertaining videos! And we could also collaborate!

Requirements: 1000+ Subscribers
100 Likes/dislikes per video (Those are the people who watch the video views are unlimited but you can only like a video or dislike a video once so say you had 50 likes and 31 dislikes, in total you would have had 81 people watch your video, but if you have 100 views that could mean that the 50 people who watched and liked your video watched it twice, you get me?
100 views per video

And that is about it! You can contact me for my scripts and more via skype message or call!

Add me @ Zhen_8930
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