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Network - Looking for potential talent

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created 12/10/2018 1:08 pm by AstaZora
last reply 12/15/2018 8:59 am
I am AstaZora, and many people on PMC have the hopes of creating awesome servers, or networks, ETC. I am a developer, and lover of MineCraft, so I have decided to run a network.
This network is created from the many people, whom I have joined from my latest post "Looking for work". I have found many potential additions to a network, and so far these are the game modes that seem to show up, as potential BIG HITS, or are just a general addition that makes a network whole.
I have someone working on a very custom SKY-BLOCK (It's probably the best idea I have seen thus far, and is 100% achievable.
I have a creative plot-world map, but unsure if the owner will join
I know of a survival community, that has the best player-base
I am helping develop a factions and eventually a prison server
and I am working on making a custom mod with a very creative individual, for 1.12.2
You all know what your project is, you know what you want. This network is unnamed as of yet, and it really needs a name, that fits this entire group, who I am certain can get along, and make their community an awesome addition to this network
The expected testing phase / beta release is February or March of 2019, and as such, 1.14 may be released before then. My own community - From the realms SMP - GigaCraft will be running a trustworthy only 1.14 pure vanilla survival world to add to the network (some people like using commands to get to and from base, and some people make do without, as it adds more challenge, and requires more work to complete awesome projects, and economy is even more awesome without keeping an inventory on people's value)
My question to you is, Do you want to join this network?
Benefits include but are not limited to
- 2 months of a paid dedicated server, one that is probably more than you need (can be discussed)
- Access to every other 1.13.2 server that is joining this
- A custom built hub to your area, can be built by you, or the network build team
- You can show off your staff team, and build team, to compete for limited space in the network build team
- Network Prizes
- Network Rewards
- And more to be decided and revealed soon.(this is not a promise of what you will get, this is just to help people get started, and hopefully after 60 days, you can support your part of the network off of your own donations [I am not responsible if you decide to waste those])
This network, can become pretty heavily populated, and it definitely has it's creative attraction.
I ask again? are you willing to join?
For PMC people who are wanting to join, there is going to be a very rough view of what your server either is, or what it's "planned to be"
There will be a discord link below, at the end of all this, as well as an application chat, for you to leave many lengthy messages to describe your plans, goals, and design of your server. We will review, and upon the nearing of the beta release, we will let you know, if you are going to be at the beta launch or not
We will let you know within 24 hours, if we like your initial idea or not, and give you VERY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on how to make it 100% original

That's basically everything I want to explain, on here on paper... for now
The discord link
The discord is brand spankin new, so apologies while we take then next 90-120 days to get to know you, hope for a 1.14 update, and get an awesome community piled up(Hopefully you, as a server owner, are in this for the long haul)
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12/12/2018 11:53 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Mage
This post will stay active for about one more month (probably until new years) - then it shall be out of comission

5 servers have joined, each unique, hopes are very high




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