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**Neubrite Kingdom** | Whitelisted | Hermitcraft-Inspired | NEW MAP! | 1.13.2! | Active Community!

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created 01/21/2019 8:31 pm by NeubriteKingdom
last reply 01/23/2019 8:39 pm

*A Hermitcraft Inspired Server*


The Neubrite Kingdom server was created years ago but has been on a break for a little while. Recently, we decided to start the server back up again! In the past, we have had a professional and well developed server compatible for a large friendly community. We have always admired the strong community that hermitcraft had. This admiration has lead us into creating this server for dedicated players like you. Our goal is to create an even greater and bigger community full of fun and enjoyable players. Our friendly staff and active players are there to make the server a reliable, fun, and friendly environment. We will hold fun events such as UHC's, Wars, and more allowing our players to interact with one another and form friendships. If you are interested in joining and learning more about us, the server rules and server website will be listed down below.

Rules and Requirements

*No cheating, stealing, griefing

  *We are mostly an adult playerbase but are open to accepting anyone   who is capable of being mature and having a good time!

*Be A dedicated and loyal member to the community

*Pranking is allowed but no fires or explosives

*No racism! or any discrimination!

Important Links:

*Website: CLICK HERE

*Application Form: CLICK HERE

Thank you for taking time to read the post. I hope to see you on the server soon!

Owner, Neubrite Kingdom Staff

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Level 1 : New Miner

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01/22/2019 12:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey does your server have these conditions?
(Must Have)-Whitelisted


(Must Have)
Core protect

(Must Have)
1 /home or /spawn

custom heads aka /hdb

-Must be new at least 3 weeks of progress or less

(Must Have)
Friendly people

-Data packs:

custom armor stands

double shulker shell drops

smelt rotten flesh to leather

- End city resets

These are all the conditions if u have more than half of these conditions I will be considering to sign up.
01/23/2019 8:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hello Taikachu,

First let me thank you for taking time to look at our server!

Now, your concerns:

-Whitelist - Yes we do have a whitelist! This is a must for us.

-Spigot - Yes, we do use plugins to help with our server and to do this we use spigot.

-Core Protect - Yes, we do have core protect.

-1/home or/spawn - We do not have this plugin. We feel as though this may take away from the vanilla
feel of minecraft that we strive to support. Although, if the majority of the members would like something like that we could certainly look into it.

- Custom Heads - We do not have custom heads but that is something we may look into!

- 3 Weeks progress or less - Less! The server is going to officially begin tomorrow afternoon!

- Friendly People - Of course we have friendly people! We take time to carefully choose members and we ensure that all of our members are friendly and accepting people.

- Data Packs - We do not have any data packs, sorry.

-End City resets - In the past we have not done end city resets but that is certainly something we could look into!

Thanks again for taking time to investigate further into our server. I hope I was able to answer some of your questions to your liking.

We hope you consider us to be your server to play on!

Thanks again!

Owner, Neubrite Kingdom

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