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New Apologies and New Staff Members Needed

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created 08/13/2017 6:04 pm by GhostsPlaysMC_YT
Hey guys I just wanted to talk to you guys about a few things. As you know I have made MANY MANY posts about me needing staff, meaning I spammed a lot of people. I am very sorry its just I've been harassed and raided in the past a lot and I need dedicated ones to work for me. I have spent over $250 on Plugins and a build team to design me a spawn. I will admit I can be immature at times but its just for comedy. But anyone who has gotten offended by me I do apologize. But seriously though that's why I posted this. To apologize and to tell you I do need dedicated members, what I mean is nice people like my good developer Godlikewars. He doesn't grief or spam or harass other members. He warns them. So yes, I do need members but I am sorry for spamming so many posts. So if you have any questions about my apology or the server contact me at Ap0thic0n#4292 on Discord. Every person on my server I try to treat with respect, so apologies to them as well. All the readers of this post who has worked for me this is to you. Thank you for your support on the server and I'm sorry for being a douche.
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