New Austrlian PvE Survival Server (Namalsk)

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Zayth_ started 05/30/2015 11:59 am
frogetet1 replied 05/30/2015 11:39 pm
Earlier today Namalsk went public, two months in develop and it's finally here, Namalsk staff / team and I were all surprised with the positive responses we received from many different players in the planetminecraft community. We would appreciate if you could come check out the server and explore.

Australian hosted minecraft server. We are dedicated to providing our players with the best server experience possible. Just because we are hosted in Australia doesn't mean you will be disadvantaged playing from other countries around the world.

At Namalsk the community is everything to us. Our welcoming and helpful staff are always around to ensure you have the best gaming experience. With our friendly staff and player community we know your time with us will be one to remember.

With no prior experience necessary, anyone can fit right in and enjoy their adventures in the Namalsk survival server. Our plan is to bring many more servers to our players in the future. We are an ever growing community.

Namalsk Website - http://www.namalsk.com
Namalsk Teamspeak - ts.namalsk.com
Namalsk IP: Mc.Namalsk.com

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05/30/2015 11:39 pm
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Great server, I really recommend it to any player that is looking for a server to enjoy.
05/30/2015 2:10 pm
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I would not normally look at new servers through planetminecraft but since I found Namalsk couple of hours ago, I can truly say they have put in a lot of hardwork and Zayth said him and his devs / build team have been working hard for two months and the server truly has a special feel to it, brings back good old days on Vanilla minecraft but with a twist of new stuff. i hopefully could get a staff role as this server is good.
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