New minecraft 1.6.2 Server

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Game: Minecraft
Mod : Default
Name: [1.6.2]-Rebirth of Titan-
Online : Yes
IP address:
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07/19/2013 10:23 am
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Hey guys, I realize this is a new server, but I figured I'd leave a review. The Moderater is abusive, killed me minutes into the game for no good reason. Also, it's laggy as all hell, even with the clear lag feature. Finally, the mod can barely speak english, and sounds like he's seven years old. He doesn't even know what sexism is, and when he first noticed my friend had a girl skin on, he gave her free items, and left me high and dry. Unfair server, bad server, and not enjoyable.
07/15/2013 9:39 pm
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ok here is my application

Age: 12
Name: Ethan
In-Game Name:RedstoneKing4464
Why you want to be a Staff Member

well ill make this easy ill put it in reasons why aka 1.blah blah blah ok here we go-

1.Im a very experienced minecrafter since alpha i have been playing.

2.I have become a head admin once mod three times and no bans

3.I am nice and caring to noobies on servers and always say-Welcome! [Name]!

4.I am a good builder *so can i be a builder or mod?*

5. im epic at redstone aka im really handy to have around helpful to owner when i have WorldEdit

P.S. I have Skype:fartingallaround
P.P.S This is a application for builder or mod
P.P.P.S Please Accept Quick
07/15/2013 9:38 pm
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can i apply?
07/15/2013 11:31 am
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Alex lol
ok here is my app

Age: 14
Name: Alex
Why you want to be a Admin/head-admin:

First of all, I'm helpful and respectful to all players, admins and staff. Secondly, I'm highly cooperative and easy to get along with. I'm highly experienced with advertising and managing sites for servers. I'm also responsible and I can make sure everyone follow rules. In conclusion, I treat the players the way I like to be treated and I wanted to be an admin or head admin because I love to answer people's questions, help to develop the server into a better and bigger server.You should pick me because I can stop the rulebreakers, I'm mature, I take care of things the right way. I've always promised to dedicate all of my time, effort and hard work to the wonderful servers that I become Staff on.

What you will do to help the server: I would help the server by developing more structures around the server thus making it better looking, make it not only a pvp server but also with faction, but most importantly I can advertise the server around google by writing articles and develop a better server website.

How will you help improve the server: I could improve the server by advertising it over the internet(mainly writing), also I can keep the new people go goes on the server happy by answering their questions since I had been playing minecraft for a year.

Experience: I have been playing minecraft for 2 years, admin on three servers, mod on two and co-owner on one that had been shut down.

Can you advertise well for us? Yes I advertised about 3 servers now that are developing and it boosted there players by a bunch in the first few hours. In fact, the best thing I can do for servers is advertising and making threads(writing)

Skype: alex.ker6

Will you do your duties to help: Yes I will help around the server, advertise and write post and threads and manage the site for the server.

what do you do if someone repeatedly cursed orspammed after asked not 2: I will talk to admins and staff online to discuss about him, if there is no staff online, I will kick him. However if he continues I will eventually ban him.

Rate: about 2 hours each day

personality: Friendly, helpful, good academically, loyal, honest, compassion, respectful
Thanks for reading
07/15/2013 11:26 am
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07/15/2013 11:14 am
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Do you need any staff like mods or admins?




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