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New Minecraft Server, Looking for Help to run the server {aka looking for second owner}

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created 01/10/2019 10:27 pm by HarmingBrid
Looking For Someone to Help run a new Minecraft server

Hello, I am HarmingBird!,
today I just brought a server, as this is a new server I am looking for multiple people to help do batá tests and reports bugs. I am mainly looking for one other player with extensive MC knowledge and around 5 years of play. Past experience of moderating a server at developer or higher rank. {wanted not required but people with discord knowledge on bots}

if I accept you to help me run this server, you will be given full access to console, all websites linked and the server's email.
Why consider it and what's involved
if you choice to consider this, you will need to at least spend
  • 15hrs a week (exceptions can be made)
  • 5hr of that 15 to be doing console and file work

  • always engage positively in the Minecraft community and our server

  • follow all rules, not matter rank

  • depending on your comment level you may be given real life money for your help

  • and much more

Please contact me on either
discord at: glowkontrol#3497
Instagram: jhye.moroney

Thank you for considering,
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