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New Minecraft Server looking for Moderators, Builders, Players and YouTube

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created 08/13/2019 11:38 pm by Havoc_Haven_Official
Havoc Haven

  Hi I am the owner of a new minecraft server and I am looking to grow my community. The server is called havoc haven and we are small right now but we have just started up. We are looking for staff (mainly moderators and maybe a few higher ups) to help our server grow and let the admins and I work on other projects such as server growth, maintenance and plugins.

Moderator, Builders and Staff

  If you are interested in a Staff position such as Moderator and Builder please join our discord server and DM our Havoc Haven Official account that you are interested. You will be given an interview and be told weather you made it for a trial in a couple of days, for builder, and we accept new waves of trial mods ever month so sadly you may have to wait for the old wave to end.


  If you are a Youtuber we have opportunities for you as well. As we are trying to grow our server if you play on our server (consistently, for a short series or for just a review) we will give you a discount code for our server in which you will receive part of the profits from. We will also tag you in our announcements so you get some free publicity from our server as well. To be able to take advantage of this you must have from 50-250 viewers average (slightly above is ok but we want to keep our growth under control) and/or from 100-2000 subscribers. If you are interested please join our discord server and DM our Havoc Haven Official account that you are interested. (if you do not meet this criteria but are close still message this account and we will talk to you about it) ALL YOUR CONTENT MUST BE PG (NO CURSING, NUDITY OR VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES)

Average Player

  If you are just looking for a relaxed minecraft server please contact us. Most major problems are handled very fast and we are coming out with new and exciting expansions as fast as we can such as dungeons, events and so much more. If you are interested please join our discord server

More Information
Discord Link :
Server IP :
Admin accounts : Havoc Haven Official, Sluggermac and Xander_Gaming (for further questions)

Any questions can be answered by an admin on our discord or can be asked in this description and will be answered within a few days depending on our schedule. (Please keep in mind that this whole server is run by 2 High school age students so there are bugs on our server that we are working on and there may be delays in response depending on our schedules)
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