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NEW Obscuros Pixelmon | Reforged 7.0.5 | Custom Pokémon | Events | Community

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created 04/19/2019 2:39 pm by EvilDusk
last reply 05/19/2019 1:10 pm
Obscuros is a new community-based Pixelmon server running Reforged 7.0.5

We offer a fresh new world to explore and build in with the option to go through our progression system with Ranks that can be bought with in-game Pokédollars. Unlock new areas, battle Player and NPC Gyms, and explore Custom Cities with daily boss Trainers to defeat for Chest Keys. Experience our Mt. Battle, train at our EV Training Center, and participate in several monthly events and tournaments.

Server IP:

Live World Map: (Ad link removed)
Travel Guides:

-Friendly Community
-Custom Pokémon [alongside normal Pokémon]
-Keep Inventory
-All Ride Pokémon Enabled [no tokens required]
-Earnable Ranks and Event Ranks
-Unlockable Areas
-Events & Contests
-Tournaments hosted by players and staff
-Custom Cities to explore, with Boss Trainers and Pokéloot
-Unique Gyms & Elite Four [AGP] [open applications]
-Mt. Battle [Battle through all 100 Trainers] (coming soon!)
-Victory Road
-EV Training Arenas
-Pokémon Parks
-Resource World [Pokémon free]
-Land & Chest Protection
-Unique Donation Store Services

Twitter: @PlayObscuros
Instagram: @PlayObscuros
Twitch: PlayObscuros


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Level 1 : New Miner

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6 replies

05/19/2019 1:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Join our Surprised Pikachu giveaway!
05/02/2019 5:36 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Come check out our new features.
04/27/2019 3:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hulk skin Machamp giveaway on our Discord!
04/23/2019 8:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Tonight is your last chance to complete the event and get your Easter Lopunny and Easter Basket Keys! You will still be able to turn your screenshots in and get your Easter Lopunny after the event ends, but tomorrow all of the eggs and Trainers will vanish from Sol Caelus!
04/20/2019 5:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Join our Easter Event from Apr. 20-23
04/19/2019 3:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
This server has one of the best communities I have ever seen in a online game. The owners are nice and all of the staff members help out, even the moderates and admins are nice. The player ran gyms are fun, and there is a discord for you to ask any questions you want. You also get this amazing welcome when you first join and people welcome you back when you log back on.

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