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✔ NEW SERVER! Hiring Co-Owner, Admins, and more! ✔

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created 10/13/2018 8:15 pm by Sin_Seven
last reply 10/22/2018 9:19 am

Hello. I am Sin_Seven and I am starting a brand new Minecraft Server .

If you are interested there is an application below. The list is NOT in an order of most needed to least needed.

[Server type has yet to be decided! Once we have more staff the higher ranked staff will come together and choose!]

Current Ranks Needed Are [Not in specific order]


Head Admin


Head Developer


Plugin Manager

Community Manager

Staff Manager

Head Moderator



Head Builder


YouTuber (Must have subs, this is strictly for promoting our server later on)

NOTE: You can send your app on the PMC post or VIA Skype/Discord. Please don't send a one word answer for questions that may require more info!


Here is the application

1) IGN:

2) Age:

3) Timezone:

4) Maturity (Out Of 10):

5) Position/Rank Applying For:

6) Why Should You Have This Rank:

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft:

8) Previous Experience:

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it):

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses:

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo:

12) Extra/Other:

13) Questions/Concerns you have:

14) Essay [Optional] :


IP: Will be given to you if you are accepted as it is only open for workers/staff currently! If you want access to it to APPLY on the server please message me VIA Skype or on PMC.

If you want to contact me VIA Skype: Live:PleaseDontFlagMeAgain (Or my email [email protected])

If you want to contact me VIA Discord: The fountain of youth is alcohol#5880

[Please do not ask for high ranks if your app isn't going to reflect you deserve it]

[Excuse my horrifyingly bad grammar and such]

[NOTE: Just because you are the first to apply for a rank does not mean you instantly get it]

FINAL NOTE: Please do not apply for a rank if you are going to give us a half done app that doesn't show us that you should be chosen for it. Don't apply for a rank with an app that's basically one worded answers to the questions and such.
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Level 2 : Apprentice Network

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10/22/2018 9:19 am
Level 44 : Master Blockhead
1) IGN: PixelMania

2) Age: 16

3) Timezone: GMT +1

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 8

5) Position/Rank Applying For: Plugin Manager

6) Why Should You Have This Rank: I've been creating servers for years now ( 99% of them were not popular as they were not 24/7 dedicated servers I was hosting them with my computer for around 4 years I've been making Bungeecord, Factions, Survival(SMP), MiniGames, SkyBlock etc... servers for practice mostly and cause I was bored, I configured another SMP server a couple of months ago cause I was bored. I can use PermissionsEx, GroupManager for Groups and Permissions and I can configure the permissions and messages of most plugins ( I spent around 5 hours configuring the messages of Essentials, AuthMe and a couple other protection plugins on my recent server to fit the server's theme)

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: The first time I played Minecraft was in 2014 but it was the Cracked version and that's when I started configuring servers and after a while in 25/12/2015 I purchased Minecraft.

8) Previous Experience: I've been creating servers and configuring plugins on my own for over 4 years. I can send a .rar file on Discord containing my most recent server that I've been working on because I was bored.

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): PixelMania#7963

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses: My weaknesses are plugins where there's not a .yml where I can edit the messages so I have to edit the .jar itself and my strengths are Configuring plugins and finding the perfect plugins for the server's needs

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: I prefer to work as a Team

12) Extra/Other: I've been living in the United Kingdom for around 4 years now and I was born in Hungary

13) Questions/Concerns you have: What type of server will it be

14) Essay [Optional] :
10/19/2018 11:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
1) IGN: williamdelaine

2) Age: 19

3) Timezone: GMT +10

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 9/10. Unless you're the bloody Dalai Lama you cant be 10/10

5) Position/Rank Applying For:

co owner, head admin, admin (in that order)

6) Why Should You Have This Rank:

Roughly 5 years staff experience in all three positions combined, and i will pay if that makes me as a sweeter option.

I am looking to join a friendly community who like collaboration. I can contribute to this idea of a collaborative community.

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft:

9 years

8) Previous Experience:

roughly 5 years staff experience in all three positions combined, and i will PAY $$$ if that makes me as a sweeter option

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it):

skype: williamdelaine

Discord: Will#7925

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses:

- leading a team
- disciplined
- good judgement of character
- organised

- always reachable & easy to communicate with
- well educated

- Building large project structures im interested in.
- collaborating with a positive team
- used to be really good with red-stone, it wont take long to relearn the trade

- If people go behind my back i find it hard to trust them again
- I don't suffer fools, (if someone is acting out or being shi*ty to other people including myself i wont put up with it)
- I tend to swear a bit

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo:

Team all the way
10/19/2018 8:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
1. my IGN is PredatorG

2. I am 13

3. my time zone is Pacific

4. my maturity is a 9

5. I'm qualifying for Admin

6. I know the commands for banning, kicking, inventory see, etc

7. I've been playing for 3 years

8. I have no previous experience PredatorG and discord Enderdemonboss#2213

10. Strength introvert weakness time

11. I prefer to work on a team

12. I'm good with commands

13. What is your server about
10/17/2018 6:56 am
Level 1 : New Miner
1) IGN: Wolfiedox

2) Age: 17

3) Timezone: GMT

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 9

5) Position/Rank Applying For: Admin, or Head Admin

6) Why Should You Have This Rank: Admin is a rank that I have had the most experience with. After such a long time playing Minecraft I have worked with a lot of people who used to create servers, assisting them along the way. I believe that I make for a mature, responsible and helpful person, which to me is important for this particular rank. Helping people and ensuring that they are enjoying their experience on a server whilst feeling safe and like they have someone to go to if they do not is very important to me and something I feel like I am very good at doing.

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: I have played Minecraft for just over 5 years.

8) Previous Experience: I have worked with many people before so it is hard to remember all experiences I have had, but there have been a couple of servers that I have helped to create and manage, one of which I was promoted all the way to Co-Owner. I have also been Admin on Moderator on quite a few servers in the past that unfortunately aren't up anymore, however it was definitely a great experience working on them and meeting new people. I'll be honest and say that this was quite a while ago, so I can't remember their names very well, but I can definitely remember each individual and unique experience I have had in working with these servers.

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): My Discord is WaffleCoyote #0936 and my Skype is dragonrider8991 (cringy I know, I've had Skype for years lol)

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses: I currently study music in college, where I am in a band. We all have our disagreements but we work together and I think this is where I have improved my skill in cooperation and teamwork. I also do a lot of studio engineering which involves working and communicating with people and advising them on what to do next. Another strength that I have is my ability to work under pressure and help those who are in need of support.

I guess one particular weakness I have is that I have anxiety and can be a little shy when you first get to meet me, but once I get to know you and spend some time working with you then my confidence soon boosts and I open up more. I've been a lot better since joining college.

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: Definitely a team, I think that teamwork and cooperation is important when working on a server.

12) Extra/Other: I go to college on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm. Other days I am pretty much almost available when you need me. You only really have to give me a message when you need me and i'll almost always be there.

13) Questions/Concerns you have: No questions in particular. Would love to be involved with Discord and get to know people if I am accepted. That's all really, hope I get to hear from you and thanks for taking your time to read my application.
10/14/2018 8:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
1) IGN: SuperBoy808

2) Age: 12

3) Timezone:
Eastern Standard Time // US East Coast

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 8 (Sometimes I argue, otherwise I am good.

5) Position/Rank Applying For: Developer

6) Why Should You Have This Rank:
I have very strong developer experience, having developed in various languages in the past 3 years. I started playing minecraft 5 years ago and I can configure very well. I am pretty good at making plugins. I also am very good at redstone and command blocks, but I don't think that matters as much.

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: 5 Years.

8) Previous Experience: Been developer on many servers. (I have screenshots of a few)

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): Miles223#5313 of course.

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses:
- Good At My Job
- Hardworking
- Friendly

- Small Temper
- Travel A Lot
- Have School
- Like Having Control

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: Mostly team.

12) Extra/Other:
When in college I'll be majoring computer science and engineering, so I'm already studying. (also I can build a pc : p)

13) Questions/Concerns you have: None, besides I want the link for a discord server if you got one
(I made this on discord you just haven't added me yet)
10/14/2018 4:49 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
1) IGN: Mewcie

2) Age: 16

3) Timezone: EDT

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 10.

5) Position/Rank Applying For: Moderator.

6) Why Should You Have This Rank: Upholding this role, or any role in general requires skilled and some-what gathered experience and knowledge. Regardless, of me lacking any staff experience whatsoever, I possess the dedication and maturity as I always strive hard with anything I do to the best of my ability not to mention with passion. Proceeding, I believe taking on this role will greatly increase my experience as staff and to participate with the team, no matter popularity. The only thing that truly outshines is the work that goes behind the rank, not the title itself. ♡

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: Approximately 5 years and counting.

8) Previous Experience: None; only once on this server with absolutely no members in it, about one. But I doubt I had experience from it. I was mod and unfortunately have no proof.

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): My skype is kanekiconda and discord is Mewcie#3204

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses:

Strengths ::

- organization
- flexible and adaptable
- teamwork
- self discipline

Weaknesses ::

- cautious
- extremely shy
- indecisive
- unassertive ; slightly

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: Both. I'm able to exceed in either choices.

12) Extra/Other: I have classes so this will decrease my hours in schedule, but I'm still willing to spend my time on the server without hesitation.

13) Questions/Concerns you have: None.

14) Essay [Optional] : N/A
10/14/2018 11:45 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
1) IGN: KjWuvsNutella

2) Age: 15

3) Timezone: GMT

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 10

5) Position/Rank Applying For: Co-Owner or Head admin or Admin

6) Why Should You Have This Rank: I have lots of experience running servers, used to be co-owners of a server. I also have experience with plugins

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: 6 years

8) Previous Experience: Used to run a server

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): KjWuvsNutella#4235
10/14/2018 11:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
1) IGN: brett34567

2) Age: 19

3) Timezone: CST

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): 10

5) Position/Rank Applying For: Co-owner or Head-Admin

6) Why Should You Have This Rank: I should have this rank because I have plenty experience managing and helping people out. My strong suit is managing and making sure the server/community is right.

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: 9 years.

8) Previous Experience: I have owned 3 servers that have done very well. I have also been admin, mod, helper, etc. You could say I love being staff. They are dead now but I worked for LostAges, Viciante, KilljoyGamingNetwork.

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): Discord: BrettRom#5314

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses: A strength I have is like I said before is managing people and helping the server out in any shape or form possible. A weakness I have is building not very good at it lol.

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: Both

12) Extra/Other: If you tell me to do something I will do it and give it my 110%.

13) Questions/Concerns you have: Do you guys have a discord server? If so I would love to join it and help out with that.

14) Essay [Optional] :
10/14/2018 7:44 am
Level 1 : New Network
1) IGN - BlackAsura_

2) Age - 15

3) Timezone - GMT / London Time

4) Maturity (#/10) - 7

5) Position/Rank Applying For - Helper

6) Why Should You Have This Rank -

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft - 4 Years

8) Previous Experience - I helped out a friend (VortexPrimes) test items that he's made on a server that's already been made. He's an Admin and we met before that happened.

9) Skype and/or Discord - Asura#9620

10) Strengths - I can help out with building.
       - I enjoy making jokes to change the atmosphere of the server.
       - I can usually find some form of happiness from guiding people and fixing things.
Weaknesses - Sometimes I might get angry, sometimes for no reason, and cause problems for a few people (Almost never happens)
        - I'm not very good with working in groups more than 4 or 5 for building or talking.
        - My GCSE's are coming up in a few months and I might have to go offline to study.

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo - It Depends on what the task is with its complexity and whether or not there is a time limit.

12) Extra/Other - If you want full honesty in this application then I would say that I am only applying to be a Helper because my building skills are slightly above average and I would like to be able to play on a Beta Server because It means I can help with certain parts of the creation, as well as have a voice that goes in to help the server and its people.

13) Questions/Concerns you have - How many staff you have currently and whether or not there is a discord server. I can probably help with the discord server if it doesn't exist. I am able to help manage a couple of things but if I get given too many things to do then I wont be able to concentrate.




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