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New Server LF Support

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created 05/31/2018 10:59 pm by SkylerP
Hey everybody,
So my brother and I started up a server called CheryyNET, we have bought 2GB worth of space and mcmmo plugin. We are making a factions/drug server. At the current time, I have been doing the majority of the config and plugin work and hes been everything else, although we are progressing and have added the features shown below, we could use some help.

If anyone would like to be a developer, builder, or staff member, add my discord found below and we will speak. If you are a plugin dev or could give us some special feature we can look into compensating you for that seeing as you have gain dour trust. But please do not expect to receive money right off the bat.

Anyways here are our features and my discord, please add me if you are interested. We need all the help we can get!

To list a couple of our current features.
- Customized crates
- Gear tier system
- Working rank ladder
- Working MCMMO

DISCORD: Skyler sr#6023
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