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New Server! Looking For Uniqe Builders! Come Help Now

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created 06/30/2017 9:53 pm by Klybious
Our Server is called VectumMC. We have recently started the server and are looking for some awesome Builders that can help us with our spawns. We are looking for unique and creative Builders to help us and become part our server as we grow.

When you become a builder on our server you will also become part of our respectful and knowledgable staff and team. We have many plugins, like World Edit, on our server that will help you build an incredible spawn. We have many more and wanting to add to that list in the future.

Hopefully you will help us on our journey to become an awesome server and hope the Builders we get are amazing and respectful. Thank you for reading this and hope to see you on the server helping us. As I said our server is fairly new and recruiting a new builder will help us exponentially

Notice: you will not be paid and this is only for volunteers that want to help.
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