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New Server Needs Staff ( A Lot )

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created 02/28/2014 10:24 pm by mitchell4481117
Here at TheFutureMc we need some PROFESSIONAL staff and builders who know what they are doing. We will need 1 Head-Admin, 3 Admins, 1 Head-Mod, 3 Mods, 3 Helpers, and 3 Builders.

Apply with this:

Skype ( MUST HAVE );
What Are You Best At:
Can You Donate?:
How Long Have You Played Mc?:
How Long Can You Be On The Server Daily:
What Time-Zone Do You Live In:
Does Anyone Else Play On Your Account; If So, Who;
Why You Want To Be Staff:
Tell Me About Your Self:
Why Should We Pick YOU?:
Can You Code (Seriously Code):
Can You Build (Seriously Build):

We Hope To See Some Good Applications!!!!

*******Also Add On Application Somewhere "Secret Word Is TheFutureMcFTW"*******

AND- We are going to be a Hub server starting off with Factions, Sky Block, ( Maybe Sky Wars), Creative, and a Parkour world. We are starting off with 3 GIGS unlimited bandwidth, and 20 GB storage space. When we get bigger, we may use Custom Minigames coded by some of our pro coders. We know what were doing and all, but we plan for this to be a big server, not some over night ddosed down in 1 week server. And would like some help
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