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NEW STAR WARS MODDED SERVER COMING SOON! Want Early Access? Join our Discord!

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created 05/22/2018 10:59 pm by LoganProductions
Hello and welcome!
If you are reading this thread, you either like or love Star Wars and you would want to be able to play on a modded server and have fun! Well, you’re in luck because me and a few others are working to create a Clone Wars MilSim (Military Simulation)/ Role Play server. Please read the whole thread to know exactly what this server will have and how to join!

MAJORITY OF THE STUFF WE HAVE AT THE MOMENT WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT RAINWIND! GO CHECK OUT HIS STAR WARS MCHELI MOD! (NOTE: He is making this mod just for this server, it may be released at a later time but you will have first access to this mod through this server!)

Rainwind's MCHeli Star Wars Mod

“What might be on this server? What might it consist of?”
Well, to answer that question, this server is going to have the best of both worlds (MilSim and Roleplaying). When you first spawn on the server, it will kind of be like Star Wars GMod where you must wait for a trainer to help train you. You will spawn on the planet of Kamino and train to become a clone trooper in the grand army of the republic! You will start out as a clone recruit and train through the ranks of Cadet and then finally a Shiny! Players will go through classes of learning all types of formations, breaching and clearing rooms/buildings, go through simulations, and more! Once you become a shiny, you will be transferred to a Venator that will become the hub of the server for you. From there you could join a legion and get more training on the Venator, visit the cantina, travel to other planets such as Coruscant, back to Kamino, Felucia, Ryloth, and more!

“Will this server be a serious rp server or nah?”
Yes, we will try to keep this server as serious as possible. We love the Star Wars Universe and we want to portray and role play it as accurately as we can. When you have players trolling, RDM’ing, and just being jerks, that’s when the fun is taken away from us and we have to take action. We don’t want to kick people out of the server but if it is to protect the type of server we have and want, it must be done.

“Will this server have mods?”

Most definitely yes, we will use a launcher platform called Technic Launcher. We will also use mods such as Armors Workshop, Flans, MCHeli, Chisel, Gilby's Voice Chat, and more!

"Will I need a microphone?"

Yes, you must have a microphone in order to communicate with others!

“Why MCHeli? I thought that was just for modern vehicles.”
Yes, MCHeli does contain modern vehicles but we teamed up with a developer who creates MCHeli addon packs. He already has an original trilogy addon pack but we decided to team up with him to create a prequel pack. We already have a few vehicles made such as the LAAT which if you go to this link, you will find the model we have made. (It looks pretty bada** in my opinion).

LAAT Model

CIS Droid Fighters

Vulture Droid (Special Variant) Shooting

“What will make this server replayable? Will there be events on this server”
Here comes the highlight of our server. We will have special events called ‘Operations.’ These events will have players put their training to use in a huge battlefield (if you want to put it to scale, the map will big almost as big as the Fortnite Battle Royale map). Players will be sent on gunships to a certain point and from there, they must complete objectives in order to score a victory. Teamwork is key in these operations!

“Do I need any external programs for this server?”
You will need Discord for this server because that is where we will be having the majority of our radio voice channels on to make sure that players can communicate with each other. We are passing out Alpha Keys so that players could get early access to our server when it goes live! We do have some Alpha Key winners already but we will randomly select winners in the future.

“How do I join the server’s discord?”
To join Minecraft Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures community discord server, go to this link and accept the invite!
MC SW CWA Community Discord Link
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