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New WIP network [MegaNetwork] needs staff

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created 04/01/2017 5:44 pm by AtomicPulse_
Hello! So we are just another old network that wants to get popular called MegaNetwork. To achieve this we are aiming to create a fun and safe environment for ppl of all ages. We are hoping to have some common Gamemodes eg: Prison , UHC. we are also trying to make and release a custom gamemode made by us! We hope to have strong, active and a helpful staff team that will support the players.

We would love to have some help in creating our network and when it's open being a helpful staff member! If you are interested in becoming a staff member to help out please apply here at our website :

If u would like to contact me specially either pm me on the website [Enderguy165] or on discord MrChipguy04#1444

Server discord:
Server ip:

Thanks, Chip
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