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NewDawnMC {Hermitcraft Like Enhanced Survival 1.14.4}

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created 10/09/2019 2:37 pm by ItzJustHypno
Hello Everyone!

My name is Hypno and I am the Owner and Co-Founder of NewDawnMC.

NewDawnMC is based on community and respect. We are Sadly short on active players dure to IRL Commitments, for
that reason we are looking for some enthusiastic and mature players [14+] to
pump up the server activity and hopefully create a nice community and
transform our community to somthing new.
We dont care what style you build in, infact we prefere you to go wild and build.
We have a spawn town in the works for all to engage and build their own home from home.

As this is based on Hermitcraft we encourage you to venture out and build your own bases aswell as engage in community build projects like a shopping district and a games district.

Things that we offer are big as we offer not just plugins but datapacks.

Plugins we offer are:


Bottled EXP
Crazy enchants

Egg catcher





quick shop

silk spawners

Datapacks we offer:
AFK Display

Anti creeper grief

Anti enderman grief

Anti ghast grief

Customizable armour stands

double shulker shells
dragon drops elytra

more mob heads
coords hud
durability ping
player head drops

  • KeepInventory is on, because dieing sucks and is just annoying
  • FireTick is off, to make nicer builds
  • Unlimited homes, Because no one lieks being capped
  • Cash and jobs becasue who likes to part with their diamonds?
If you wish to join please ADD and DM me on discord ItzJustHypno#1997

With the following

In-game name:
Reason for joining:
Plans for the server:
Anything else you'd like to add:
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