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NEXT-GEN MMORPG looking for Coder and Texture pack makers!

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created 02/22/2015 12:44 pm by LegendsOfValeros

Our server is about bringing a full scale MMORPG experience like it has never been seen before in the Minecraft universe (no mods, only plugins). Legends Of Valeros is inspired by the legend of MMORPGs World Of Warcraft. With custom mobs, armor, weapons, spells, races, classes and skills. You will be able to team-up in a tank/dps/healer style which will make teamwork essential. Our custom quest system with in-game GUI will give players a unique experience when it comes to questing, completely with custom and complex objectives and rewards bound to your class ! The world map will be a typical MMO style map, divided into zones which allows the player to level up slowly by doing quests, killing monsters, etc. In the world of Valeros players will encounter dozens of monsters and bosses, beautiful cities and landscapes and hidden secrets all built for you to play on. Team-up with your friends and go for a classic MMORPG adventure and create your own guilds with guild housing.

Currently we are only looking for good Coders and Texture Pack makers (3D Textures). We are offering you a spot on our server the only thing you have to do is apply for the rank, if we think you are good enough then we will contact and test you. We had Builder Applications before but those are closed so please don't apply for builder or anything elso thats not Coder or Texture Pack Maker.

How to Apply?

Thats easy! Just fill in the info thats in the comment section of this post!

For the 3D Texture Pack Makers:

We don't want you to make a whole Texture Pack with all blocks, We want you to recreate an existing texture pack and change some blocks/items into something else.

Age (15+):
Country of Living:
Previous Work:

This is all for the moment, but more can be added later on.

For the Coders it's gonna be a longer progress, because we don't want coders that don't know what they are doing.

Requested Location (GFX, developers, etc.): Developers
Who We Are:
We are a startup Minecraft RPG server, we currently have 80% of our builds complete for our custom and unique experience we just need the plugins that sit on top of this to make our RPG server ready for the minecraft community.

We have a developer for this project but since he does not have the time to develop this on his own and since other developers dropped out due to not being commited to the project, we would like to bring another commited developer or two to expand our team.

We have a number of projects to be completed here is a breif list that needs to be done

Name: TotalQuest
Short Description: This is our quests system, we have full permission for using this plugin from the original author as well as provided source code for the project which needs to be updated to support custom events and mysql implementation and will work along side our core plugin to level up players when they complete quests.
Timescale: 2-3 weeks (estimated)
Priority: 1

Name: LOVMobs
Short Description: This is our mobs plugin where we can spawn custom mobs, it should also integrate with TotalQuest to use mobs as NPCs as well as for quests.
Timescale: 1-2 weeks (estimated)
Priority: 1

Name: LOVCore
Short Description: This is our core plugin where players select there class and level up and complete quests. This plugin will hook into the quest plugin so that it knows when a player levels up and will apply the required xp and or levels to the player.
Timescale: 2-3 weeks (estimated)
Priority: 2

Name: LOVChat
Short Description: This is our chat plugin which allows parties amongst players as well as a list of online friends which players can add.
Timescale: 1-2 weeks (estimated)
Priority: 3

We would like to start projects with the highest priority first, followed by the next priority once the first priority plugins have been completed.

We can pay you via paypal, per plugin , 25% upfront and 75% after completion and testing.

We have a budget of 300€ - 400€

What we want of you
We expect you to be familure with:

Git repositories.
Apache Maven.
Maintainable code.
Commenting code down to at minimum method level.
Vault integration, citizens.

Most importantly: You must also have a vast in depth knowledge of the Bukkit and Bungeecord API.

We expect our developers to be able to complete these projects in a timely fashion, we would like you to estimate the time it would take to complete your work and if you feel you need more time, don’t hesitate to give us notice in advance of the deadline.

We need weekly reports on what has been done, and what needs to be done. All the source code you contribute is part of our network. You agree that you will not claim this code as your own and or take legal action.

There may be a requirement of a non disclosure agreement in which you will agree to the above.

When you are assigned a project you will be given a private code repository on our private code repo which you must commit your work daily or as soon as you work on it. We do this to see the progress on how the plugin is going and to see that you are in fact writing useful code.

How to get in contact
Comment below if you think you have what it takes to be the Developer of Legends of Valeros! 15+ is the age requirement

Please note if you are not familure with the requirements and or are not commited to this project we would ask you not to waste our time.

We wish you the best of luck!
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