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[1.5.1]Next Generation Gaming - [Faction + Survival + PvP]

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created 04/15/2013 3:51 pm by blazee15
last reply 04/21/2013 3:44 pm

Faction + PvP + Survival

We're finally back. After a long time of waiting, Minecraft is a game to have fun, to be creative & to have a good time. Well, we're back with what you want but even better. We offer a nice
survival server with factions included. Let me explain what is this "faction"

Factions, its a great clan plugin & modification to the game. Basically you can create yourself a faction through (/f create) and invite your friends or clan members. This is not like in RPG Servers with police departments and such, this is like guilds and have PvP Wars with
other players and factions and try to take over. You can build a base and have your own safe in your faction to save up money to claim areas of the map. You can also have a private PvP match north of spawn at our custom build PvP Arena.

If you're not a fan of "factions" you can always play in survival mode quietly with your faction being in peacefull mode so no one can bother you.

Are you wondering if we're ever going to have a world reset? Well, this is my personal goal, to never reset the world. The point of you building something its so it can stay and work on it even more. If the world gets corrupt, well that's why I'm here to fix it.

Will there be any V.I.P perks with massive advantages? Yes but not with massive advantages, our goal is to keep everyone gameplay to the same level. More information about this will come later on.

How can you know the rules: All rules are listed at spawn in a proper way to explain it each rule with each punishment.

Anyway, less talking for me & more mining for everyone. Here is the information you will need,

Server IP:



Teamspeak 3:

Donation Page: Soon to come

PS: Do not ask for a administrative rank, this is like any other server, you have to earn it and show loyalty to the server
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04/21/2013 3:44 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Droid
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