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created 03/20/2019 6:22 pm by nightarchy



What is it?

Almost all of the servers these days are a specific gimmick, overloaded with plugins or with lag so bad that it’s unplayable. Nightarchy is on version 1.13.2 and the world is fairly new. Great time to get in on the ground floor.

We want to play the actual game in a persistent state with as many members as possible. This means no small border limit, no protecting claims or separate economy system or other distractions. The world will be backed up frequently and NEVER reset.

  • No limiting world border
  • Dedicated server that is owned (not leased) at a location with gigabit fiber. The idea here is that not only is the server solid but all monthly costs are already set, the server isn’t going anywhere.
  • Nearly Vanilla, very few plugins
  • Anarchy: building, PVP, PVE, all enabled
  • No limits on what you can do

Some Q & A:

What software is hosting this? Spigot on CentOS.

Help, i got griefed??? Welcome to anarchy, build further from spawn.

Do you allow cheating? Cheats and exploits will be patched out or protected against selectively. This doesn’t mean it’s against the rules to try / do it!

Will mods abuse their powers? Nope, because there aren’t any!

I hope to see you in my world soon, let’s build a community of players looking to escape the never ending rules, gimmicks and paywalls.
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