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NiteArrivePvP Looking for Staff

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created 11/29/2017 10:13 pm by Deucalious


NiteArrivePvP is a 1.8 Minecraft factions server originally opened in 2014. Closed in May of 2016 due to a lack of dedicated staff members, we are happy to say we have a base stronger than ever, recruiting the old and loyal staff members who wish to continue cooperating with the organization. The server is back up and running, hoping to open within a few days. We are looking for a new set of staff that are well disciplined, responsible, and organized, who will help continue and exceed the reputation of the former.

Positions Open


Junior Moderator


Junior Administrator



- Be on for at least an hour a day
- 13+ years of age
- No experience necessary
- Responsible
- Capable conversation
- Expected to know and follow basic grammar and punctuation rules

Helpers, while maybe not the most skilled or the best at their job, have what it takes to put in the time and heart into the benefit of Nite. We don't expect helpers to be right all the time, but we expect helpers to be responsible and make the best decision they can using their judgement.

Pros: Great stepping stone, gains experience rather quickly

- Be on for at least an hour a day
- 13+ years of age
- No experience necessary, but recommended
- Responsible
- Good conversation
- Expected to know and follow basic grammar and punctuation rules
- Dedicated

Moderators are expected to know what they're doing at all times and are expected to make the correct decisions.The same leniency will NOT be given to moderators who mess up as will be given to helpers. Moderators are expected to know what they're doing. If you are clueless as to how to manage a server, you should not attempt or expect to hold this position.

Pros: More integration to the community, second only to the owners and administrators, leadership role, expected to guide the helpers
Cons: Doing the wrong thing could get you demoted or fired more quicker than helpers

- Be on for at least two hours a day
- 13+ years of age
- Experience on other servers
- Responsible
- Superb conversation
- Dedicated
- Has leadership qualities
- Willing to "go the extra mile" for the benefit of Nite

Administrator is the highest position a non-owner can get. They are expected to be loyal to the server and to lead the rest of the staff. When the owners are not online, the admin are expected to run the server smoothly and normally as if they were there. Additionally, administrators are allowed to read and sort staff applications for review by the owners.

Pros: Second only to the owners, leadership position, can accept or deny applications
Cons: Expected to make the right decisions all the time when the owners are not online

Staff Application
1. IGN
2. Age
3. Position You Think You Deserve
4. Skype ID and Discord Tag (Skype optional, Discord mandatory)
5. Timezone
6. Average Time Spent Playing Daily
7. Past Staff Experiences (If Any)
8. Maturity Level (Rating from 1-10) and Why
9. Share One Aspect of Your Personality that Reflects a Character Trait that a Staff Member Should Possess and Why
10. Why You Want to Be a Staff Member
11. What Nite Can Benefit From You
12. Anything Else You Want to Add (Keep It Short)
You may not apply for a junior position, as those positions are reserved for staff members trying out for the position.

Note: Quantity is not quality, but I will generally take lengthier apps with correct grammar and punctuation more seriously. About a paragraph or two for numbers 8-12 is good.

Please refrain from being modest. This application is meant to feature your skills and strengths, not to gloss them over.
Leave your application down below. If there are any questions, you can leave them below as well or contact us at
[email protected] We hope to see you on the staff team soon!

Co-Owner of NiteArrivePvP
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