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🐺 Nomadda's Vanilla SMP 🐺 | 1.13.2 | Whitelisted | Limited Plugins | No Griefing

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created 04/18/2019 1:45 am by NomaddaGG
Hey there!

Our old server for vanilla SMP went down a few months ago (wasn't hosted by us) and recently we've got the itch to play Minecraft again. I'm putting together a Spigot 1.13.2 vanilla server with a few plugins (like Harbor's sleep enhancement so the entire server doesn't need to sleep and some grief protection plugins) but none that take away from the actual vanilla experience (like teleports, /home, leaderboards, jobs, etc.) We will also likely be updating to 1.14 upon its release.

We currently have around 5 active players and a few more joining. We will be purchasing a host shortly once our numbers have increased a little bit more.Our main goal for the server overall is to make builds, farms and an interconnected nether highway to join everything together.There are only a few main rules, no stealing, no griefing, no cheating and PVP must be consensual. Also, sharing your farms and what not is optional but if you do choose to share things, you can lay out some signs with guidelines and we'll make sure they're followed.If you'd like to join up with us and start to progress and fill out this new survival world, you can apply in our discord by filling out this application. Once accepted, we'll give you a member rank in the discord and you'll be whitelisted. You'll get access to channels with server information and other updates.

How much will you play this server?:
What do you mainly like to do in Minecraft? (building, redstone, pvp, exploring, etc.):
Anything else you'd like to say about yourself (leave blank or exclude if not):
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