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NostalgicSMP Whitelisted Server | 1.13.2 | Discord | Semi-Vanilla

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created 03/13/2019 3:27 pm by NostalgicSMP
last reply 03/17/2019 1:38 pm
Welcome to NostalgicSMP
Welcome to a new Minecraft SMP server!

- Looking for 10,15 or more Active members

- This server is Semi-Vanilla, but does try to stick with normal Minecraft roots!

- Server is Whitelisted, You'll be contacted with information if your in or not.

- Vulgar Language Is Allowed. I recommend to not apply if you are offended easily!

- Prefer players 15+ with a sense of humor, If you are not feel free to submit an application we will talk.

* This server is already up and running! Once accepted you'll be given the IP address and allowed to start any time you feel like. If the server has a good/ok amount of active members the server will stay up. If players are lacking, applications will open and new players will be allowed to join the server. Please feel free to invite friends to join. *

* This server is ran of Spigot 1.13.2 and does have plugins, most these plugins do not give players advantages and are used to detect cheating, hacking, griefing, and stealing.
* Backpacks are given to players to be used as extra storage. Backpacks will not drop loot when killed
* Faster nights, same amount of time for day, players can still sleep in beds for instant day.
* (Possibility) Once players have been selected and server is running players will vote for plugins that can be installed to help *performance* and not advantages. Plugins for performance could be ClearLagg and such.
* Spawn is indicated by a beacon, with no benefits
* Map size of 16000x16000, Map will expand only when needed.
* Custom crafting! There will be no items that can be crafted to benefit a player a lot! Items such as leads, horse armor, nametags, etc.. will be craftable!
* Difficulty: Normal, Mob grief on besides creepers, Players heads will drop when die.

Rules | General Information:
* Please do not build within 200-300 blocks of players without their permission. Gifts, chests, and little items are fine.
* Do not start pvp without agreement. Pvp is allowed but dont go overboard.
* Spawn buildings must look nice/good. Try to make it look semi nice. When building in spawn try to mark your area of building. So other players will know.
* Farms are allowed, just try not to lag the server.
* Killing withers must be done at a good location, (top of nether, and or away from players structures)
* Please flatten areas when digging for dirt, sand, and blocks like that.
* NO cheating, hacking, xraying, griefing, stealing. If you are caught your immediately banned. If you suspect someone of this notify me in discord. * Keep the terrain somewhat nice.

In-game Username:
Are you easily offended:
Time Zone:
Have you been on an SMP server before:
Have you ever been banned before:
*If you have be honest, the past is past.*
What is your age:
Whats your plans on the server:
How active will you be:
Did you read the Rules, and information:
Anything else you want us to know about:
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Level 1 : New Miner

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03/17/2019 1:38 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
In-game Username: Datinq
Are you easily offended: Nope!
Time Zone: GMT
Have you been on an SMP server before: Yes, I've been on many SMPs before and I'm looking to start over with a new theme for builds.
Have you ever been banned before: I have never been banned before. I may have been banned from servers years ago but within the past few years, I haven't been banned from a server.
*If you have be honest, the past is past.*
What is your age: 15
Whats your plans on the server: My plans are to mainly build on my own base as well as public places such as a nether hub and more.
How active will you be: 3-7 hours a day.
Did you read the Rules, and information: Yep!
Anything else you want us to know about: That's about it. Discord: real#0001
03/17/2019 1:23 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
I've sent in my application by messages :)
03/14/2019 6:43 am
Level 23 : Expert Architect
I have also sent my application in a PM to NostalgicSMP. :D
03/14/2019 1:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
You've been contacted :D
03/13/2019 5:08 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
I've sent my application via messages
03/13/2019 7:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey you've been contacted about your interest :)

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