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Not the best but willing try, can be your "Builder" for anyone who needs one, I would love to help you out :)

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created 09/29/2017 5:26 pm by PotatoesNGravy
Hello guys, Im currently looking for a challenge. I'm not a "pro" builder by any means, but I would certainly love the opportunity to help you out with building if you'd like.

I enjoy building for the most part despite my lack of super pro skills. Or at least I dont think I am, idk. One mans trash is anothers treasures so you can decide.

I've been building servers before, I've had many tekkit modpacks servers before, and one or two others. So I know how much a hassle it is, and how help goes a long way.

I'm 22, and with a part time job I have plenty of time to direct towards helping you. You don't have to worry about if Im getting on because i'm a 12 year old or some crap.

While I do generally *play* on more PVE ish servers, I can build for any type and give it a go!

I do not expect, or want to be paid or compensated, so don't worry.

IGN: PotatoesNGravy
Nickname: Potato

Age: 22

Timezone: EST

When I'm most online: Usually nights, sometimes a few hours in the morning if I'm feeling awake and able to function properly and have mustered up the motivation to get out of bed, but not that much. My schedule for work isnt firm so it changes alot, and so does my playing hours.
What commands/plugins are you familiar with: Griefprevention, WorldGuard, Vault, GroupManager, and most of the basic ones like that. I wouldn't really consider myself a "pro" at any of them, but I know how to google "_pluginname_ command list" and that usually squares things away for what I need. Or /help __pluginname__ if thats still possible or something like that I remember, but not sure if on sponge if its a different command.

How long been playing Minecraft: Almost 5 years

Previous staff experience (Include Server Name, Rank, and Duration of Staff Position): I've only ever been staff on my own failed attempts at servers which I'm not sure really counts.I did run a hexxit server for almost a year though.

Have you been banned, if so why: Unless you count this one server who kept banning me for no reason and not answering my pms about why I was even banned in the first place, (Sounds like a great server/owner right?), then nope.

Do you voice chat: Nope. Not at all. I do not partake in any voice chatting currently, and have no plans to in the future.

What I feel I can bring to your community: I like to help people, offering help if needed, or answering questions if I know the answer. I might not be an expert, but I do try. I'm online quite a bit. I'd like to say I have a friendly personality but I could be wrong, I'm not a mind reader.

MrMunchlax#5430 on discord
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