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Not trying to sound needy, but we need help.

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created 03/20/2016 3:42 am by alicat
I cry to have to make a post like this, but Chaotic United has been around for almost 5 years, and the annaversery is coming up, we use to be a 100 + player base server back in like 2012 and 2013.. it went down for almost a year but we are back up, we need help getting players back, I dont know whats wrong with our server, we advertise non stop, and in different ways, we have multiple gamemodes and more than just minecraft but the problem right now is getting our player base back.. if you dont like something or see something you want added so you and your buds can play and enjoy, speak up, suggestions are always helpful.
We have Skyblock, creative, pvp just about everywhere, factions, skywars in development, survival, minigames, and more to come.
We do need builders.
Please dont be afraid to comment below.
Join and see magic happen, maybe you wont be the only one who does it.
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