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NOVELLUS NETWORK [FACTIONS & SKYBLOCK] [25$ Payouts!!!!] Looking for Players!

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User2957622D started 03/26/2020 8:55 am history

Novellus Network

Novellus is a Factions and Skyblock server that has been out for quite some time now!
We have just made some new updates for the new season and are constantly adding new Features to the server to make it continue to improve!

Novellus is run on some of the best hosting out there allowing it to stay online 24/7!

We are currently offering 25$ payouts to both the top Faction at the end of the Month and to the top Island!
We currently have a steady playerbase of 10+ and are looking to expand this to be much larger!

What makes Novellus special?

You might be asking yourself this question, and here is the answer,
Novellus is run by some of the best Management in the industry and we have an amazing Development team behind us, allowing us to push out improvements and updates constantly!

We have things like regular KOTH events, convoys, amazing crates, and extraordinary Kits!
And the most important thing, is we have an amazing community that loves to talk with others and engage with eachother!

If you would like to get the chance at some easy money, by playing the game you love just join the IP below :)
If you were to have any questions please contact me on Discord!


Version: 1.8.8

I look forward to seeing you all fight against each other and see who comes out on top in the end!
Thank you for reading,
Rasho | Manager

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