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Nyx Factions ✯ Custom Enchants ✯ NEED PLAYERS!

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created 02/08/2019 9:28 pm by Mqxi
last reply 02/11/2019 5:36 pm

Hello my friends! I'm Mqxi and I'd like to introduce you to Nyx Factions, a passion project of mine that has turned into something (I believe) is awesome. Anyway, my server has some cool features that I think potential players will really appreciate, if not drive them to join in on the action. Below is a list and summary of some of our major features:

  • OP Factions - I believe that a proper OP Factions server has a healthy balance of well-enchanted armor and tools by default, but that it doesn't negatively affect PVP. What I mean is that, personally, I don't think OP gear means that PVP needs to last a ridiculously long time, rather, it should last a good amount of time for one to enjoy the thrill, while also not being overly drawn out.
  • Custom Enchantments - Probably our most significant feature, our 100+ custom enchantments allow a much more unique combat experience, as well as gives you some awesome features for everyday playing. Every enchantable item has a set of unique enchantments that can give you various advantages in combat or another part of the game.
  • Quests - Nyx Factions has a unique quests system with over 250 challenges to complete. This will keep you occupied when there isn't much going on, while also allowing you to make some money or get some sick rewards on the side.
  • Faction Leaderboards - Compete with other factions for the #1 stop on /f top! Not only will you get bragging rights for all time, winners get unique tags and cosmetics to commemorate their achievements. This encourages factions to compete with each other, by (almost) any means necessary, leading to a healthy combination of offensive and defensive gameplay.
  • Envoys - Every hour, a bunch of crates will fall from the sky around spawn, as well as around our several biome warps. These crates, with three tiers of rarity, can contain a mixture of average to extraordinary expensive gear and items. Not only does this allow the sneaky players to get a bit of a leg up over the stacked ones, but it also introduces a consistent battleground for PVP with competing players.
  • Gkits - Normally a highly sought-after set of gear, anyone will be able to get a hold of these glorious kits. They can be purchased with in-game currency using War Tokens. These can be obtained by killing bosses in our custom-made Warzone. For those who find that too risky, you can still purchase permanent access to them via our Server Store to help us keep the lights on.
  • Custom Bosses - As mentioned above, we have a set of three bosses that can be found in designated areas around the main Warzone. They boast unique particle effects and attacks that keep the fight interesting, while also maintaining quite a bit of health for a bit of longevity. Dedicated players can grind out these bosses, as they respawn every several minutes, and save for things like Gkits.

Those are just a handful of the awesome experiences you can find on Nyx Factions. I hope I've entices you at least a little bit to come and check my server out. For those who wish to support my mission to continuously add content and make more realms or other game modes, you can purchase ranks, crate keys, and Gkits over on our server store. I believe that things should be priced reasonably, so don't expect to pay $150 for a rank! :D

Interested in checking it out? Here's the IP: Versions 1.8.9+ are supported.

You can also talk to me and our other players on the server's Discord here:
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02/11/2019 5:36 pm
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