Oldmcpvp.com - Soup PvP, Tracking, Raid, MCTeams [1.7.9]

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created 06/12/2019 6:48 pm by Oldmcpvp
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OldMCPvP is a PvP server which includes PvP, Raiding and more. This server's mission is to bring back the good old Soup PvP and so this server was created. I tried to make the server feel and look like the old mcpvp.com servers used to be.

OldMCPvP is a team based PvP server. It was made to look much like mcpvp.com's raid servers used to be. It has plenty of plugins and cool features that probably most of the old players remember. Feel free to join and i would really appreciate if you even check it out. If you are interested you can follow me on twitter @.Oldmcpvp (no dot).

!!IMPORTANT!! The server has been recently launched but i have not been able to contact the right people who are still interested in this kind of a server. OldMCPvP is still under testing and that is why it would be great to have some player playing on the server and report bugs and loop holes. If you discover bugs/issues please contact me by e-mail, through Twitter or leave a comment here.

Server IP: Oldmcpvp.com
Server page: https://server.pro/server/12129749

Contact me // Report issues
Twitter: OldMCPVP
Gmail: [email protected]
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Server is currently having problems with the Shop plugin... It will be fixed as soon as possible.

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