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OraticanMC -=New Network opening soon=-

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created 03/02/2015 1:12 pm by Dino_Smash_99
Hello Everyone I would just like to say OraticanMC is opening soon! so make sure you join the community now by joining the website! The server is opening to beta so get hyped!

Even Closer To Beta!

I am happy to introduce you to a couple of major things I have added to the server in the past month and I've changed and added quite a few small things, including: a new spawn, major gamemodes, custom commands and donator features. I will introduce 2 gamemodes and the new spawn but a very brief definition until the server has officially released.
New Spawn!

This is the new spawn that was added, a very brief picture showing of the server logo made by giantigk. We expect to make the spawn better in every way, but we aren't too focued on the spawn for now and the game are for more important!



I would like to introduce you to one of our gamemodes RustMC Alpha, this is a gamemode based upon the Steam game, Rust, in which you spawn and get resources and craft just like Minecraft, but with a few twists, zombie dogs and radiation and custom tools. It is not like the other Rust Minecraft versions. This game will be our first official game of the server.



As the second official gamemode of the server, we introduce you to Gladiator! This will be a pvp based game where players are put into an arena and fought to the death. There will be upgrades, perks, and cosmetics along with the gamemode.


So with a brief introudction to each of the three, they will be released when the entire server goes into closed beta (only for staff and donors) and will be tested to fix any bugs or add and change things for the open beta then on to the official release.

~Owner: Ripdog ( )

For more information visit the website ( ), if you need any help ask the staff (you can check out the staff list in the website)

Join the Oratican Community now!
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