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「OzrynMC」 Whitelisted - SMP - Vanilla - 1.12.2

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created 06/11/2018 8:03 am by Ozryn_MC
last reply 09/18/2018 9:19 am
What is this server about?

OzrynMC is a brand-new vanilla SMP server. The server was created for people looking to join a fun, friendly, and mature community.

The server has no mods or plugins, with the exception of one player sleep.

For communication purposes, Discord is a must. A mic is not required, as chatting will mainly happen in the designated text channels, but voice channels are also available.

If any of these rules are broken, you will face the appropriate punishment. I want to keep the server as fair and fun as possible, so please respect them.

1. No cheating/hacking. This includes Xray, fullbright, any kind of modded client. Things like minimaps and optifine are allowed.

2. No griefing/trolling. Pranks are fine, and actually encouraged. (As long as they are controlled and not harmful)

3. No asking for items to be spawned in/duplicating. This goes back to me wanting to keep the server fair.

4. Be mature. There is a time and place for anything, even I myself like to tell jokes, but please, be respectful.

5. No unwarranted PvP.


There are 3 ways to apply. The first one is simply copying the application format, and replying to the thread. Alternatively, you can directly message me on Discord at: Strandedfur#0638. Or lastly, you can fill out a Google Form here. Please only choose one application format :)

1. Ign:

2. Discord name & tag:

3. Age: (Not required, won't effect your chances)

4. A little bit about yourself:

5. Previous build(s) (please link)

6. What is your "specialty"? (Ex. Builder, Redstone, Mob Farms, etc.)

7. How involved will you be in the community?

8. How often can/will you play?

If accepted, I will direct message you on Discord with an invite to the server.

Have a good day :D
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