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created 05/22/2019 8:28 am by Adussadude

What this server is about?

Diminesion is a Minecraft server that're adopting classic Minecraft multiplayer gameplay with a little of RPG spices in it. Our server is equipped with Custom Plugins. Not just the features we also use custom plugins for groups manager, holograms, etc to ensure the quality of the plugins. If you feel that you still want to know about the server we welcome you to join our discord.

What we're expecting from you

We're expecting someone who has the passion and intention to engage in the community with the other staff members and players. Being a staff your main goal is to improve the player's experience and developing the server. As staff, you'll be what people see as the representatives on Diminesion. Make sure you have the attitude for it, be active; mature; and make sure you have your integrity straight.

What positions are available

Our staff positions consist of manager, moderators, and trainee. For now, we're looking for someone to fill in the moderator position, means you're skipping trainee by applying while we're recruiting now.

How can you be a part of the team

To be a part of the team is easy. See the format at the end of the thread? Of course no, you need to get it from me. It's the format you'll need to fill and send it to me on Discord. We recommend you to take your time and answer each question with you all so you can give us the best application we'll ever see!


My Discord: Adussadude#9651'

Email: [email protected]

Server Discord: discord.gg/ftRcpZS
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