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created 04/18/2019 9:55 am by nicole2107
last reply 04/21/2019 5:12 am
Plexus MC
Plexus MC is a server network which has been going on for over a year now. We are now calling out to the community for help!


gen 1 > Plexus, under new management becuase of a deal with a guy who worked from microsoft
gen 2 > Plexus, guy from microsoft was in a car accident destroying plexus, rebuilt and then became owned by MrFlacko

gen 3 > Plexus went for a design of a business with partial owners and co owners until the lack of developers
gen 4 > Plexus, new idiration with me partnered with someone and everything rebuilt in an organized way

Owner1 > armyman745, gen0
Owner2 > amcurrent, gen1
Owner3 > Mrflacko, gen2, gen3
Owner4 > MrFlacko, Kyle_Broflovski, gen4

Who we are looking for?
I am (Nicky2107) one of the two developers currently working on Plexus MC Im in need of help with developing the servers to space out my work load. I am only interested in the developers at the current time if you have any experience in developing server or coding plugins and enjoy doing so you may add me on discord and we discuss the project further on.

My personal discord is Nikki2107#1375
Or join our discord server at
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04/21/2019 5:11 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
Update#1 Server (survival) beta opening in one week please join the discord server to become part of the beta list

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