Pokemon Destiny | Free Donation Ranks! Next 100 players!

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Free Donation Ranks to the next 100 new players!

Pixelmon Server 2.5.7

Website: http://www.poke-destiny.com
Pixelmon Server IP: pokemondestiny.mc-srv.com

To play here, you must have Pixelmon 2.5.7 and Minecraft Forge installed.

Server Features:
Server online 24/7 - Always up.
Well trained staff, helpers, moderators, admins to help with your needs.
100 slots.
Our world never resets.
Everyone starts with $100 and a starter kit with Old Running Shoes!
99% Grief Free.
Up to 5000 blocks of claimable land.
A player driven market that you can buy and sell on!
Great donor packages
Numerous cities and towns.
Warps, Multiple homes, and even the back command.
Daily chest server event
Player Gym Leaders

Server specs:

12gb Ram
Dual Intel Xeon Processors

Apply for Staff, Gym Leader here: http://poke-destiny.com/application
Donate: http://poke-destiny.com/shop

If you have any questions about our server, please post them below!
Thanks for considering us as your Pixelmon Home!
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