Prinny's Survival Server : D (Many Openings)

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Hello world!
Well my good buddy Prinny has made a server for legit survival. We have a lot of openings and really hope that our world will grow to something great. This is a legit server, that means no mods or any "Cheating" of that sort. So just post here if you want to join. We have a total of 6 slots currently open.

Slot 1: AbortedJesus
Slot 2: Patapon
Slot 3: Wheatonizer1
Slot 4: Luthery
Slot 5: Open
Slot 6: Open
Slot 7: Open
Slot 8: Open

======================Banner coming soon : D
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07/17/2011 8:43 pm
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Hey this looks fun? May i plz join? im pretty good at survival MC.. Iv completed 3 on singleplayer but i would like to do one with other players i think it would be alot off fun. So may i have a slot? Please? My In game name is alex34525234

Thanks, Alex




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