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Problem with RPGPlayerLeveling

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created 05/23/2018 12:17 pm by JONHOBBITTON
Hey everyone. Iam a feresh server hoster from finland. I have just started a Survival server called Campfire Survival. I bought a plugin i found out to be really good RPG plugin. Plugin is called RPGPlayerLeveling
(Heres the link )

Now iam having a big troubles with this plugin i bought. Exp system and level system on the plugin works pefrectly.
But the MAGIC ATTACKS and WANDS doesnt work (or i dont know how to make them work). And i dont know how to spawn the npc's that plugin provides too.

There no tutorials anywhere on the internet for the plugin. And no, i dont want to use any other rpg plugins.
This is the plugin i have been looking for a long time for my server, and after i bought it and installed it, surprise something doesnt work properly. And yes i have installed itemizer and itemapi i(that plugin needs to work).

Now im looking for a help from here. I know there is some powerful java coders and some plugin experts in the forums who could know the problem why the plugin wont work properly.

My server can be found from here:

Server is running Spigot 1.12.2 @ Java 8

I have tried to contact plugin contributors but they doesnt answer.
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