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BlackWidows started 03/02/2014 6:00 pm
lordofsendai replied 03/03/2014 7:18 am
If you are looking for a professionally designed skyblock server, you've came to the right place! We have many things to do on our skyblock server, including auctions, economy, pvp arena, shops, etc!

This server is 1.7.2/1.7.4 and yes we are aware of the 15 Player limit and once we get enough donations we will be bale to raise it up higher.

Skyblock is a type of survival that is challenge orientated. You spawn on an island in the sky with limited (but enough) resources and must expand your island to become an empire. The original idea has been around for a while now, and can be played in single player mode by downloading a map,

We include this on our server:
• Co-Op
• Chest Shops
• Great staff
• Great performance
• Epic community

Why join us an not anybody else? Here why, we have an experienced team dedicated to making your experience on our server one of the best. We have a team working around the clock making sure the server is stable and running smoothly. The owner of this server (me) is PureCreationzz and my Co-owner is Pohmania we have been running servers for a few years now.

This server has been up once before, our old IP was skysmp.net but it got shutdown due to lack of donations so hopefully we don't have to do that again. i started the server a couple month ago as a server just for myself and a couple friends and then we decided that we wanted to turn it into a public server, we all have been working very hard and putting a lot of our money and effort to make a server that everyone can enjoy.

Have fun (;

We understand want players want and we are always taking ideas to add to the the server, if you have something that you want to add onto the server tell us and maybe it could happen. We have some positions open up for staff but please do not come on the server spamming asking for staff. We also have a website, just a temporary one that you can donate and apply for staff on the website address is http://purskyblock.iftopic.com/ there is a typo but we are not worrying about it as there is other things to do at the moment. This is a friendly server welcoming all ages, please read the rules when you join and have fun!

We are always looking for people to record video's of our server, even if you have 10 subscribers and you record video's of the server it still helps and we will reward you for helping. We also have a youtube rank that you can earn by atleast have 250+ subscribers and 4 video's of the server (we will know if your account is subboted).

PureSkyblock does not treat donors differently when it comes to them abusing commands, and or breaking the rules. Donors will have the same punishment as the regular players do.

Here is some old videos of our server (not done by me)
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03/03/2014 7:18 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
So is the ip the same or a new one?
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