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created 04/08/2018 3:37 pm by Geekles
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ello PMC community! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Geekles, Head Developer of a brand new server, Pyrix, and proud to be able to represent Pyrix with the amazing PMC community! Since the approval of my application, I've been very happy with my decision to be apart of this revolutionary project. I've worked for a number of large networks, however, of all of the ones I've worked on, I believe this network will be one that stands out, and will always remain a creative, professional, amazing server with a significant future ahead of itself. If you wish to be apart of this growing server and help us make it into something magnificent for the entire Minecraft community to witness in the near future, you can start by showing off your skills, and yes that means that there is no need to be modest, brag as much as you want in your application so we can know all the amazing things that you are capable of.

Pyrix is a newly developed community based off an old, retired server
design. Our goal is to provide a unique challenging take on Towny. To maintain a peaceful environment for players while also making the experience challenging and a long lasting one.

Pyrix strives to provide a great community experience and a
professional environment. We invite players of all ages to experience the development of this new community and be apart of something brand new and different.

Pyrix is looking to create a challenging take on Towny with revolutionary features. We already provide a constant flow of updates that players are always excited for. And unlike many other servers, we listen closely to our community and work hard to make all their suggestions to be integrated into the development of the server, even if it means inventing the wheel.
Pyrix has and still is working tirelessly on making it better then yesterday, and our work has reflected very well on our communities satisfaction and the new players that join every day. We ask that you too join in on this amazing project.

Pyrix is still in its early development phase, therefore we are still resolving a number of bugs that need to be resolved while also working on features that have yet to be added. By applying you can help us increase the speed of which we accomplish a number of these tasks.

Positions Available:
- Builders - Are the servers primary source of creations and creativity. We are currently in a great need for builders. We ask that you have your portfolio ready as soon as it is requested during the application process. We also recommend at least a year or two of experience and the ability of devoting at least 15 hours a week since build projects can be a lengthy process.

Join our discord by clicking on the image below.
Not working? Join us at:

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04/08/2018 4:11 pm
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