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Realms of Mianite! Mianite role play server needs staff! App

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created 12/31/2015 9:05 pm by Regnozes2431
last reply 01/01/2016 4:41 am
Realms of Mianite is a fun based realm in which players will join as heroes. Summoned by gods to do their bidding, start wars, start alliances, tactical and strategic . Players will have a choice to pick from three Gods: Mianite, Dianite, or Ianite. Each god will give the player a specific skill set that is decided by the god on their own time. Gods will be allowed to hand out items, only if the player has completed a quest and the item may not be a over powered item. More information on the world of Mianite will be listed in these sub categories.

All about MIANITE!

- Mianite (God of the heavens. Good, powerful, but not afraid to cause disorder when angered. 2nd child of the ancients and brother of Mianite and Dianite)
- Ianite ( Goddess of balance. She needs both war and peace, which is when the purge was born.Youngest, and nearly forgotten, sister of Mianite and Dianite)[More info in the purge section]
- Dianite (God of hell, mischief, and disorder. First born of the gods and brother of Mianite and Ianite)

Governmental system:

The governmental system is jut like the real worlds. PVP WILL BE ON. YOU CAN COMMIT CRIMES BUT YOU WILL BE PUNISHED IF CAUGHT! (Crimes against Gods or heroes on Quests is blasphemy towards the respected God and the God or Goddess will decide the sentence)
Crimes are stealing, Murder,Blasphemy, griefing Temples or homes, making a false sacrifice (You may disrespect a opposing god but dont get mad if the god retaliates back! If the god kills you, you must apologize and you items WILL be given back!)
When you are prosecuted, the player you committed the crime against will pick one other player to help you judge. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY. and so will the victim. The other player will decide your sentence (Death, Fine, Labor, or Quest( Sentence quests will not give you items from gods, only get them to respect you more)

God respect:

If a god respects you, they will most likely pick you for quests. Here is how to get each god to respect you
- Dianite
Dianite is evil, so of course, committing crimes against other gods or players will earn his respect. Living in the nether or creating a nether shrine will also increase the chance of him visiting you. On occasion the god will give you a powerful weapon to kill another player who has wronged him, if you manage to kill the player, you will be the gods champion untill another player steals your place!
Mianite is good, but understands the need for some violence to keep balance. To earn this gods respect, you must create a shrine to get his attention. Doing good deeds for other players, surviving Dianite worshippers attacks, or completing quests (for Mianite or Inaite) will earn this gods respect. To become this gods champion, you must find Dianites weakness and beat him in a duel. Dianite will not die, but you will earn the respect of all gods and become Mianites champion!
- Ianite
Ianite is the goddess of balance. To earn her respect, like any other female ,you must respect her as the queen she is! Also, you must have a shrine to her in your home to get her attention. Ianite will respect you if you survive Dianite atacks, Beat Dianite or Mianite in a battle, Preserve balance (Particapte in Prosicutions), complete Quests, or finding her favorite flower that her mother gave her and she lost (Instant respect. The flower is called the Veronica flower) To become her champion, you must retrieve the flower, beat dianite with the flower in your inventory, and ianite will give you something in return. That marks you as her champion (If you loose it to another player they will not be the new champion. You will need to get it back within 30 minecraft days or the item will be deleted and someone else will have to try. All inventories are on keepinventory unless its purge day. Items may only be stolen from chests. If you want to steal a item from the players inventory, you must say the item you want before you kill them and they will give it to you if you kill them)


Plain and simple. Purge day is decided by the priest. The priest decides by how much order or disorder there is. if there is to much peace, the purge will be initiated. There is no KeppInventory in the purge, and no god weapons are allowed to be used. The purge announcer will tel lyou a required weapon/armor loudout that must be fallowed by ALL players, if it is not followed, you will be prosicuted by all three gods, with either the punishement of banishment to the end, Death ( and loose all your items), or community service (depending on your relationship status with each god)


If you want a god to do something for you. you must donate diamonds or a sufficent sacrafice for the deed. if the sacrafice is accepted, the god will summon you to them and inform you. If the sacrafice is denied, you will get your items back. If you sacrafice without asking for a deed, you will earn the gods respect. The bigger the sacrafice, the more respect (You can sacrafice more than items..)


To recieve a quest, your respect level of a god much reach a certain point. The god will summon you to theyer hidden sacred place, and give you info about the quest and the option to accept it. Denying the quest will require you to give a reason. If the reason is acceptable, the god will not loose respect, if its for a bad reason, you will loose respect. Quests range from easy-demigod. Easy quests reward small rewards and little respect. demigod quests reward huge rewards and major respect.


You may form alliances at any time, even the purge. If you betray a allaince, the victims god will smite you once and you will loose the gods respect


Last but not least ( In fact, wattch out for this) If you do this, the god will be angered with you and will kill your plants, aniamls, steal some items, etc. any respect from the god will be lost and any championship will be stripped. You will be forced to choose another god untill that god has calmed down.)

Staff Applications:

God: 1/3
Admin: 1/2
Mod: 1/2
Builder: 0/6
Developer: 0/1 (Must be able to code plugins)
GFX designer: 0/1
(Website positions will be picked out at a later date!)

Use these Application Formats to apply:
Failure to follow format will result in immediate denial

Knowledge of Mianite:
Time able to be put into the server:
Will you be able to follow the strict rules of the God position?:
Are you willing to always be in RP state(Like season 2)?:
Anything else?:

Spot you are applying for?:
How long can you be on each day?
Past staff experience:
Time playing minecraft:
How would you handle chat problems(Spammers,fights,etc)?
How would you handle hackers/griefers/etc:
Tell us why you want to be staff:
Why we should pick you?:
Anything else?:

Past experience:
How much time a day can you dedicate to building?
Why should we pick you?
Proof of building skills: (Pictures, Links,Videos)
Anything else?

Coding languages:
Time able to put into plugin development/configuration.
Past experience?:
Anything else?:

GFX Designer:
Time able to put into your job:
Past experience?:
Anything else?:

Please apply and i hope to hear from you all!
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Level 13 : Journeyman Network

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12/31/2015 9:39 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Name: Logan
Age: 20
IGN: achilous
Skype: weindel.logan (add the AsG xTiMiDx one)
Spot you are applying for?: Admin
How long can you be on each day? As long as you need me.
Past staff experience: I've been administrating servers for four years.
Time playing minecraft: Since 2009
How would you handle chat problems(Spammers,fights,etc)? I will simply mute spammers and if there is a fight I will mute both players, have them tell me each side of their stories via in-game pm or skype and act accordingly.
How would you handle hackers/griefers/etc: Generally I would ban hackers or griefers as neither of those were tolerated.
Tell us why you want to be staff: I'd love to be apart of this server to help make it one of the best and see how great of a community it can be.
Why we should pick you?: I am very knowledgeable with permissions as well as most plugins. I'm confident I am the best for the job.
Anything else?: I'm a real friendly, easy going guy, but very serious about what I do.
12/31/2015 9:38 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect



Skype:Will send in Pm

Spot you are applying for?: Admin although more like sysadmin

How long can you be on each day? 2-5 hours

Past staff experience: I am staff currently on ( a server with over 200 players regularly. and have been for the past couple months. I demonstrate leader ship and help maintain a happy and positive environment.

Time playing minecraft:since 2012

How would you handle chat problems(Spammers,fights,etc)? for spammer i give one verbal warning to start off with and if the situation doesnt resolve its a 1 minute mute and the time continues untill the forth time when its a perm mute and an appeal is necessary to regain the opportunity to chat.

How would you handle hackers/griefers/etc: hackers and griefers its and immediate ban no matter what the circumstance is and an appeal is necessary to regain permission to join back

Tell us why you want to be staff: I was a builder on the world of keralis for about a year until i meet the owner of DatPixel ( a server with over 200 players and became staff on there, and i still currently am. I took it to myself to start my own server over the summer but with work i did not have time or money to pay developers and staff so that stopped. it was a dedicated server i configured mostly on my own. and im looking to help out servers by setting them up on a professional dedicated server with room to grow and more settings and options then any pre hosted solutions such as from MC Pro hosting. this would allow thing such as bungee cord to be run and many other things. i have learned quite a lot from my experiences on DatPixel and hope to help out another server with the skills i have learned while also moderating and helping out players in game. I hope i can help you out and make Realms of Mianite a fun and enjoyable place for all.

Why we should pick you?: I think you should Pick me for this role because its not everyday you find someone with as much experience as me and i fell this would be a great opportunity for me to share my skills and knowledge to help Realms of Mianite become and amazing and professional place for players to relax and have fun.

Anything else?:I am Matthew a 16 year old from Canada. i am the captain of my robotics team and love technology. i build my own computer a few years ago and upgrade it as time change. i built my own 3d printer this summer and turned an old computer into a server running Linux. i also like to ski and hike and do it as much as i can. im in grade 11 and have experience with dedicated servers and how they work.
12/31/2015 9:36 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
God Application

Name: Andy Calano

Age: 15

Skype?: andyawesomeful

Knowledge of Mianite: I have seen all of the episodes of the series.

Professionalism?: I can be very professional, but also know how to have fun along the way

Time able to be put into the server: At least 6 hours a day on the server.

Will you be able to follow the strict rules of the God position?: I will make sure that if I am accepted I would follow the rules to the best of my abilities.

Are you willing to always be in RP state(Like season 2)?: I will make sure that my character is not broken throughout the entire time and make sure I keep it a fun environment for the rest of the players.

Anything else?: The only is that I have had experience with many other role play servers so if I had to chance to be apart of this server I would think that I would be able to do well with my character and making it believable.

Thank you for your time and I hope you would consider me.
12/31/2015 9:24 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner

Name: Charles

Age: 14

Skype?: Charles Cramer (illuminati confirmed /-\ and cat picture)

Knowledge of Mianite: Not too much but, I plan to get into it fairly soon.

Professionalism?: If you mean the type when something is expected,(Multiple definitons) I am usually good at doing it.

Time able to be put into the server: Weekdays 5-10 hours total and weekends both days totaled probably 8-12 hours.

Will you be able to follow the strict rules of the God position?: I would say so. If I get out of line just give me a warning or two and I should get back to it.

Are you willing to always be in RP state(Like season 2)?: I should be. I am currently looking for more Roleplay to do as I am currently playing on a real life rp server. Nations etc. and I find it very fun to roleplay so I want to help!

Anything else?: No not really. Besides sometimes as all of us I will procrastinate. Oh and if this does not work out I will take Admin or Mod. I have experience in ALL fields except developing.
12/31/2015 9:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
12/31/2015 9:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Age: 9
IGN: Adventuretrails
Skype / name in real life: skyrocks06 / Cole
Spot you are applying for?: Admin
How long can you be on each day? 2 hours
Past staff experience: I have been builder/helper
Time playing minecraft: 3 years
How would you handle chat problems(Spammers,fights,etc)? mute them/ temp ban.
How would you handle hackers/griefers/etc: Instant ban for 1 year
Tell us why you want to be staff: I think this server sounds really fun
Why we should pick you?: I am very friendly and will help anyone with troubles with people / Problems(Not mental problems xD)
Anything else?: I have nothing else to say.

01/01/2016 4:41 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Network
Rejected. Not enough detail in application. No reason to justify why we should pick you.
Re apply in the beta stage and you might get it!

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