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⚡️Reborn Dominion⚡️ Since 2015

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created 11/13/2017 2:56 pm by MrPistachios
last reply 11/17/2017 3:45 pm

Welcome to our worldIP: mc.reborndominion.comDiscord:
We started as a realm Nov 2015 with our amplified world, and it has been going ever since.
Now we are looking to add new mature players and a new world type, so we moved to a server
We are here to build as a hobby, relax, and enjoy the game with good company. We play with trust but we will know if you grief and you will be banned, so only join if you are mature. We play Vanilla but have plugins to track and undo Griefer damage so everything is safe.
*NEW* CreepyCabin
  • Vanilla map

  • Survival on hard difficulty

  • Lose items on death

  • Started May 2017!

  • Multiple biomes really close to spawn point

  • We need builders to get a spawn town started to help the new players.

Click to reveal

  • Amplified map

  • Keep items on death

  • World started November 2015

  • We have a great community and spawn town with all the necessities to get you started quickly.

  • We are always looking for ways to improve everything

  • We have changed to a new spawn area three times to have room to build

  • The world has been running nonstop since day one, so build with confidence because we will not start a new world

Click to reveal

  • Vanilla map

  • Some world edit permissions

  • Inventory is not transferable to the other worlds

We have taken off our white-list so join us instantly!

If you would like an invite please use this template

Your in-game name:
Your age:
what you plan to do/build:
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Level 1 : New Miner

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11/17/2017 3:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Come and join us! we are about to look for a new area to build




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