[Recruiting] Vanilla with a Twist (God Server)

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Bowzin started 7/19/18 2:20 pm history
and replied 7/20/2018 1:07 am
The server will be a vanilla server, no mods, just plugins. The plugins won't affect the basic gameplay though. Minecraft will play out as normal. There will be a spawn area built, but besides that, it will be up to the members of this community to build, mine, and create. There will be no rules. You will be free to kill, grief, steal, and troll as you wish. However not exactly, but I will get into that later.

The ruler of the lands of this server is the almighty god Nabashu. This is where things get interesting. While there may not be any definite server rules, Nabashu will expect certain things from the members of the server. Should you upset Nabashu, you will be punished by him. Punishment may include hordes of mobs being released near your base, or lightning striking down on you or your base, or maybe your crops never seem to grow, maybe they disappear, maybe your livestock keep dying. On the other side of this, if you please Nabashu, you can expect benefits. Maybe Nabashu will grow all your crops instantly, maybe mobs in your area will die randomly, maybe your livestock will go on a breeding spree. The rules of what pleases and upsets the god are unknown to you though. Overtime you will figure out through trial and error, and you may share this information with the other people of the server, or you may keep it to yourself. Maybe someone will want to write down the rules into a book, or maybe even start a church to worship Nabashu. The more you please him, the better the rewards. Nabashu will rarely contact the people of the land directly, however he may do so via signs, books, or encrypted messages.


Simply head over to our discord: discord.gg/nS4wPd6
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07/20/2018 1:07 am
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or in discord
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