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Rewheim | Looking for staff | Custom Factions

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created 05/14/2018 3:07 am by Pixel_James
last reply 05/20/2018 5:10 pm
Rewheim is a Custom Factions experience unlike any other, and we want you to be a part of it!

Rewheim used to be a world on the server named "Pixel Acres", but it was recently moved to be its own server, as we try to grow it's playerbase.
It is a custom Factions server unlike any other, with quests, custom mobs, hand-built cities around the world, guilds, and coming very soon, magic and wizardry. You can find us at, on 1.12.2

Due to the recent move to be a separate server, Rewheim is lacking in the staff area. We currently have the Owner (myself), and Co-Owner of Pixel Acres running the server, with just two moderators, and only one is currently active.

We are looking to recruit some new members of staff, who will be dedicated players (especially as we set up in our growth period), have experience with staffing and Factions, and who can work well in a team. They must also be able to help out where needed and have constant contact with the owners via. Discord or even mobile.

To apply, please reply answering the following questions:
Previous Staff Experiences (provide evidence e.g server name and website/ip):
How often can you play on Rewheim:
Discord name:

If you are chosen, I will contact you via. Discord, and send you a message here telling you to check Discord! My Discord name is Pixel_James, so look out for a friend request from me!

We look forward to seeing your responses, and please enjoy this trailer for Rewheim:

For the Kingdom!!
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Level 23 : Expert Dragonborn

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05/20/2018 5:10 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Usename: 2zq
Age 15
Country/State: Washington
Previous Staff Experiences:Never been staff looking to start somewhere
05/16/2018 1:02 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Username: SlimeEmperor
Age: 13 on 6-5-18, 12 as of now. I believe that my maturity level & wide range of staffing experience far surpasses my age.
Country/State: North Carolina, US.
Previous Staff Experiences (provide evidence e.g server name and website/ip): I have previously served as a Moderator on a fairly well-known city RPG server called BusinessCraft. I served here for a bit over a year before my recent resignation. I also currently serve as the co-owner of a city RPG server called CreeperWorldMC. This server formerly offered Factions, and I have experience with the plugin from this server. I have previously served as an administrator on a Disney World RPG server called MCDreams at the time. I have a large range of experience in RPG servers, which is a reason I believe I am suited to assist with Rewheim, as it combines Factions with RPG aspects like wizardry, quests and custom mobs. I also have a wide range of experience with building & terraforming, both of which I have a passion for.
How often can you play on Rewheim: I can be fairly active year-round, while being the most active during the summer. I stay busy with activities and school in real life, but I would ensure that I make time for Rewheim.
Discord name: unicorn#2529

Thank you!

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