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[RollingNations] {🔥 RollingMMORPG}{Staff Applications Open}

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created 01/20/2018 9:15 am by pascalc1234
last reply 01/24/2018 12:43 am
Hello fellow rollers,

Shorts here,

I've recently been bussy with setting and preparing some files for my upcomming minecraft server

Well the idea is to make a server with Adventure and Adventure and Quests and MORE !!!!. Because of my bad grammar i need people who have the ability to write quests and are creative in their own way! Custom plugin's is a good thing to have in mind so ill need some dev's that are able to help me get this thing roll!

Okay, there are a few things i need from ya'll
- We dont want people who constantly corrects people on their grammar
- You are able to write quests in formats to increase the speed of the progress
- We want people who are mature and can be online when their needed
- We know people are creature's that are able to get bored real fast. We don't push people to help us all the time!
Builder's are the most important thing in our server. Everyone builds his/her own way !
- Make sure to have picture of your build
- Showing other people build's will make me sad

When applying for the following ranks: Developer, (DS) moderator, helper we highly suggest you have knowledge of the following plugins rest is custom or wil be custom coded:
It's no problem if u have no experience in these plugins but it may affect you're rank

We're Curruntly searching for
DS Moderator's
Owner: Shorts#6888
COwner: Venus
#make-aplications-roll is for aplications

People who don't have discord NO need to. you can always apply down below
This thread is being viewed daily
This server is WIP it'll take alot of time and effort to make it roll
The server isn't running we are preparing everything first
Server will be up and running in 1 hour from when this post is launcher
ehm if u haven't read this post than you won't even see this :D

I see alot of RPG/Quests styled server needing for staff why should u support this one?
I'll always support the server and i will pay the server for aslong as it doesn't die off.
(Most of these server's die off or the staff/manager doesn't give orders to the ones that need)
This is 1% of the full server this is not everything
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