RoyaleMC Survival Community [1.16.3] - Slimefun, Jobs, 1k+ Quests, Endless Adventure + Fun!

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RoyaleMC - #1 Minecraft Community - [​1.16.3]

RoyaleMC is a new and upcoming Minecraft server running on paper 1.16.3. RoyaleMC is being created by two very experienced server owners working towards the same goal, a unique and endless fun Survival Minecraft server for all to enjoy. We offer a handful of unique features that makes your time spent with us enjoyable a nd feels worth it. We offer a very active small community where you can meet and play with new people.

Here is a list of a few different features we offer:

  • Slimefun + Slimefun Addons (endless fun)
  • Brewing (create alcoholic potions)
  • Auction House + Display shops
  • Player Warps
  • Quest (over 1k unique)
  • Land Claiming
  • Active Owners / Development / Community
  • McMMO + McMMO Credits
  • Crates
  • Player & Donator Ranks
  • Pets (name, ride, disguise, have a little companion follow you around)
  • **AND MORE!**

If you are unfamiliar with Slimefun and its addons, I strongly recommend checking it out. Slimefun aims to turn any spigot server into a modpack without ever installing a single mod. It offers everything you could possibly imagine. From Backpacks to Jetpacks! Slimefun lets every player decide on their own how much they want to dive into Magic or Tech. We got everything from magical wands to nuclear reactors. We feature a magical altar, an electric power grid and even item transport systems. We also use official slimefun addons to bring even more items and fun to our community!

Join our server today and start your adventure like never before!
IP: play.royale-mc.com
Website: royale-mc.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/69cqBHD

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01/07/2021 6:51 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
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12/16/2020 7:52 am
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We have been constantly evolving and are now in our final phase of our beta build. We have added new Slimefun add-ons to improve our players overall fun.

With the holidays right around the corner, we have been preparing a holiday update! Update is planned to go live by the end of the week and feature some new crates and special timed events.
11/05/2020 2:38 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
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I forgot to add, you can contact me at anytime via Discord if you have any questions or concerns with our server or community.

Discord: xLucky#1475
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