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RPG/MMO Server | Looking for Builders and Staff

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created 09/10/2019 10:27 pm by NineTracksGaming
Players can band together and bring pets and duke it out in arenas for magical items, custom enchantments, and money!
We will also offer Tabletop RPG style dungeon-raiding, in which adventurers can group up and take on custom-made mobs and bosses through many questlines to become the greatest crusaders of the era!
If you don't want to take on an adversarial relationship with players and mobs, you can become a merchant and sell goods of any kind to become the wealthiest in the land!
Regardless of how you earn your coin, we have a full rank up system with ranks from F-SSS tier, along with 9 prestigious!

Community Discord Server -

Builder Application -

Staff Application -

****Builder Information
- Must have the ability to build in correlation to a theme
-Must contribute to providing the experience and conveying the theme and specific vibes throughout builds.
-Must be able to both communicate and coordinate effectively.
-Must be able to comprehend what is asked to be made.
-Must create builds that perform given functionalities.
-Must be flexible and able to build both physically and metaphorically around things.
-Must understand that is the server is a non-profit server. That makes this an unpaid job. We look for people who have passion, not people who want to be paid

-proficiency in WorldEdit
-knowledge of VoxelSniper basics
-proficiency in building medieval structures (villages, castles, fortresses, dungeons, etc.)
-basic understanding of SchematicBrush
-willingness to collaborate on builds

****Staff Information
- Preferably 16, or older.

-Must maintain a high level of professionalism.

-Must be able to work in a team-based community.

-Must understand their role and general responsibilities

-Must have basic command knowledge (kick, ban, mute, warn, etcc.)

-Must be able to contribute both time and effort.

-Must read handbooks and have a general understanding of staff procedures

-Must perform with care and efficiency
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