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created 06/30/2017 6:20 pm by Xytric

Greetings Traveler, And welcome to my post on PlanetMinecraft.
You have traveled all this way to this post? that must mean something!
You would like to join our group wouldnt you? Im not sure if you're up for it to be honest..

Well, I'll give you some information about what you will be doing if you are chosen to work with us

As a builder your job is ofcourse to build! Our world is big, and we want dungeons and builds all over it. Ofcourse in fantasy style! Can't be so hard would it? Well if you're up for the job just scroll down to the Apply section and you'll find out what to fill in for us.

As a Writer you job is again ofcourse to write. We want great stories to go with our great world. You would be making the main storyline, working together with the other writers. And you will be making side quests while working together with builders to go with the dungeons and structures they made.

As a staff/dev member you'll be keeping an eye out to all the players, and come up with new ideas for the server. also any bugs, plugins would be your job.

So you are willing to give this a shot? I'm impressed! Well, please just fill in these things and I will see if you are good for it!

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Job: Builder/Writer/Staff
Do you have Skype/Teamspeak:

If Builder:
How good would you say you are?
Do you have any images or links to your builds?

If Writer:
How good would you say you are?
Please write a short story for me to see how good you are (you can pm me this if you would like that)

If Staff/Dev:
How mature would you say you are?
Any previous experience?

Thats it, thank you very much. We like to see your applecations and we'll get to you as soon as possible.

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