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Ruza Modded Survival!

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created 01/13/2018 1:17 pm by Demonite
What i have for you today, Ladies and Gentlemen is a newly made Modded Minecraft Server!
This server will require "Ruza Army Stream Pack" which you can find in the Technic Launcher!
BUT However, in order to join this AWESOME server will require a minimum donation of $5 USD to help keep the server up. We are a non toxic community striving for the best players we can find. (you're probably asking yourself "why donate?" well ill tell you. if someone donate to enter a server it will motivate them not to "Grief: which is for some reason popular.)
If you would like to donate then click this Link and dont forget to put you MC Username (case sensitive) that way i can whitelist you! :) i hope you can join!

(NOTICE: This is the BETA form of the server and will go PUBLIC Eventually after some time. The Donations are used to keep the server running of course but in time it will get you some GREAT equipment that will become useful when the website is set up. and the server get RECONFIGURED as a modded bucket server. but for now it is a Basic MODDED survival. ANY and ALL Donations are kept on record!)
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