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created 10/08/2018 1:45 am by SaberNetwork

Saber Network & Community

Looking for all staff members on a staff team!

- Managers (One for Prison, One for Skyblock)
- Head-Admin (One for both servers)
- Admins (3 on Prison, 3 on Skyblock)
- Sr. Mods (1 on Prison, 1 on Skyblock)
- Mods (3 on prison, 3 on skyblock)
- Helpers (4 on prison, 4 on skyblock, 4 on discord)
- Head Builder (1 Head Builder for both servers)
- Builders (6 builders for both servers)
- Developers (1 for Prison, 1 for Skyblock)

On our application page you may only apply for:
- Developer
- Admin
- Moderator
- Helper
- Builder

To become:
- Manager
- Head-Admin
- Sr. Mod
- Head-Builder

You must get promoted from
- Head-Admin
- Moderator
- Builder

To apply you must:

- Be over 14.
- Fully Capacitated for said position.
- Completely Dedicated to our server.
- Accept our Terms upon acceptance.
- Must have working mic.
- Once you fill out our application you will get contacted to be interviewed verbally.

About our server:Welcome to Saber. The next big Minecraft Network.

We will like to give you a warm welcome to Saber Network & Community. We are officially in version 0.1. We have a lot to work on, but your continued support is appreciated.

Before you commence your journey to our fantastic server, we would appreciate if you could read our Terms and Conditions, as well as our rules and the discord guidelines.

First, we will like to let you know what we are working on for future updates!

- Unique Hub
- Newly built plots
- Amazing tools
- Giveaways on a daily basis
- Polls for you to vote on
- Features that have never been seen before
- A rank system that allows you to elevate yourself
- Custom plugins
- Custom statistical system
- Events and Bosses that empower you to rank up faster

And as always regular updates with many new features to come.

Our Links:

IP: Soon to come.
Website: Soon to come.
Twitter: Soon to come.
MC Forums: Soon to come.
MC Market: Soon to come.

🀩Once again your continued support awaits us. Thank you for taking the time to read our welcome notes. We now welcome you to Saber. 🀩
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