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Saber Networks in Need of Staff!

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created 11/15/2018 6:11 pm by TheGhostPlayz
Hello! I am Phantom, the Head-Administrator on Saber Networks! You can call me Jp though if you’d like to. We are currently searching for players to hop on and take a shot at our server and test it out. It’s a sky block style server, and we are always welcoming to new players. We are also searching for new staff members. You can apply via our Official Server Discord (Listed Below). On our discord you can also find important server announcements, a suggestions section where you can suggest changes (which we always advise that you do to help improve us as a community). Our open staff positions are listed below.

Available Staff Positions:
1 Administrator
3 Moderators
10 Helpers
*Developers (We need developers. Preferably experienced ones that have prior knowledge when it comes to server coding, and programming)

*Please note that we expect our staff members to be role models to not only the players of the server, but fellow staff as well. Commitment, integrity, honesty, determination, and various other important traits define your overall character, and if you are fit for our staff team.

Important Information:
My In-game MC Username: _PhantomPlayz_
My Discord: PhantomPlayz | Saber#2496
Our Official Server Discord: [Click Here]
Server IP:
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