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Searching for Towny server with mcMMO, money economy, no pay to win donations

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created 12/02/2019 11:43 pm by imxxboredxx history
last reply 12/05/2019 11:46 am

I'm an owner of a small to medium sized server community, my server was up for over two years and averaging between 20-40 players nightly. Unfortunately, because of my own time constraints, I've made the difficult decision to close my server, even though we're still semi active with an average daily high of 20-25.

I really want to find somewhere to migrate my players to so that they can stay together if they wish, but I'm having such a difficult time finding a server that would fit our needs. Our server is special to us and while I know we won't find everything we want somewhere else, I'd like to try find something that feels similar and could eventually become our full time home.

Our requirements:

- Towny
- Money economy (can be from admin shops, sell hand, jobs, whatever. Doesn't matter)

- Mostly EULA compliant/No Pay to win donations (no god mod, no OP kits, preferably no permanent fly)

- No slimefun or any slimefun spin off
- Friendly community with active staff
- Adult owner

It would be a huge bonus if the server also had:
- Rank trees/rankup ladders (so ranks that aren't just time or money based)
- Brewery and/or Artmap plugin, or willingness to add these things (I am willing to assist with the setup if it seems overwhelming and these plugins add a ton of customization!)

- An already-established community with an average daily high of 10-40 players currently

I'm hoping this post will help me find a hidden gem, because I've searched server listings for days with absolutely no luck :( Please feel free to post your server below if you feel like you meet most of these requirements and I would be thrilled to come check it out.

Thank you so much if you took the time to read this.
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2 replies

12/05/2019 10:23 am
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You can feel free to check out
the server is run with a staff of adults as well as an adult owner.
We have an economy and mcmmo as well as builder ranks

we do have fly and stuff like that that you can buy but it is not required.
we have arenas
grieving and stealing is against the rules
and pvp is off

hope to see you there
- Edge

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