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Seize MC is a 35 slot small-community Survival Server.
IP: play.seizemc.us

Seize MC is a small-community survival server with the intention of keeping things easy and simple. We do not allow griefing. Our purpose if for those who like small servers and just want a easy server to play minecraft with friends on.
We Feature
- A 24/7 Server
- A Simple Survival Atmosphere
- Anti-Grief
- Land Protection
- A Friendly Small Community


1. Do not swear on server or on discord.
2. No spamming on discord or on the server.
3. Do not disrespect any player.
4. Do not scam on the auction system.
5. Do not ask to be staff.
6. Do not use any hacked client.
7. Don't go crazy talking about relationships.
8. No DDoS threat of any kind is permitted.
9. No racism of any kind.
10. Leave a player's claim if they ask you to leave.
11. Don't ask staff for items.
12. Don't ask for any kind of rank.
13. Don't ask for free permissions.

On our server you can vote daily for more claimblocks, cash, and 1 voter crate.

How to Join?
We have no whitelist system. To join simply add our ip and check us out today!

Contact Us
If you need to contact us just simply make a support thread on our Site or by joining our Discord.
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Level 3 Apprentice Explorer
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