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Build Team + Staff! Server Help Wanted!

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created 09/16/2019 5:37 am by TheFireFly

I am a junior moderator for the Pyrax server, currently we are developing a server that we are estimating will be up and running with the first gamemode in about 2 months, however to reach our goal faster we wan't applicants for dedicated staff that will help speed the development of coding the various guns, building the maps, and helping with community support. Below is a link to the discord as well as to a link where you can apply to be a member of staff on the server.

If you do apply to staff or join the discord say that you saw the forum post FireFly sent. :)


Below is a basic description of what the gamemodes will be. For more detail join the discord.

To start off with, we are currently developing our first gamemode, Pyrax: War.

This gamemode is a minigame-style play with which you can earn money and you can use that money to purchase weapons, armor, food, etc. You'll be able to practice and play with a many assortment of custom-made guns we, as a staff team, make for you to use in-game.

In Pyrax War, there are two modes which you can play (FFA and TDM - these are as basic as they sound, if you don't know what these means feel free to ask about it). You can kill players and loot them, spend money and save more.

While this gamemode has been released, while the community is enjoying it, the staff team will work on the second gamemode, Pyrax: Nationalism.

In Pyrax Nationalism, you can roam around inside a small town, which includes a few shops, a place to live, some tutorial locations, and some business towers people may buy. (it is still undecided but I believe this area will be PVP-protected). Inside this city are small plots which you can purchase- be careful, though, because others would be able to raid your property (you must include a roleplay entrance, they can't break blocks but you must make an entrance which they can go through. Tools such as lockable doors with keys and redstone contraptions will be permitted).
In the 'Nationalism' part of Pyrax Nationalism, you can also join a country- or create your own. You can build up your own government, whether it's anarchy or totalitarianism is up to you. You can form your own armories, defenses, justice systems, everything. You can also join a country, make new friends, participate in their cause, whether it's extreme wealth or extreme enjoyment. You can send people to go raid, or you can raid yourself, the decision's yours.
Inside the staff team, we have many opportunities. When Pyrax War is released, we may need moderators to keep security to the server, although it should not be an issue. We are also in great demand of builders and developers; if you have a special skillset, whether it's your ability to build beautiful structures, interpret YAML files, or develop Java arguments, is greatly wanted here.
To contribute as a community member is simple, and that's to stay with us. It might seem like a while from now, though, staying with us throughout the way of development is the key to a successful server. You might not have any of the abilities above, which is fine, though have the ability of patience and to enjoy the process.
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